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  1. It just happened again, but this time it was when I interrupted a dupe that was eating (not just reassigning them to eat somewhere else). So it seems that the bug might happen whenever a dupe that is eating is interrupted.
  2. A rancher will groom critters even if there is an egg that needs singing to in an incubator that is set to a higher priority setting than the grooming station. (Proximity might affect this - not sure. But I had a dupe that kept grooming critters in the ranch even though there were several eggs that needed a song, all in incubators set to a considerably higher priority.) (Edited: spelling)
  3. Every now and then a dupe will start doing the eating animation regardless of what action they are doing. This just happened again, but I this time I happened to notice *when* it happened. Adding that information here in case it is of use in debugging. A dupe was eating at a mess table when I reassigned them to a different mess table. (They had been auto-assigned a mess table in the hospital, I assigned them one in the great hall.) I tried reassigning mess tables mid-meal for a few other dupes, and they also then had the eating animation bug. So seems like a decent potential candidate for the reason behind the bug.
  4. +1 for this bug existing and still being a thing. I have it in my current playthrough as well.
  5. Thanks! I wasn't sure what the common approach was to linking to outside stuff, and didn't want it to seem like a marketing post, so I left it out. But I'll add it in. Nice guide! I won't copy/paste anything. But maybe I should add a list of other guides to the site instead. Your guide could be in that list. EDIT: I added a link to the Steam Guides page under the "useful sites" section.
  6. Thanks for the reply. (I would point out that mechatronics engineer works from the start. But that might cause a dev to nerf it. So I won't.)
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it works differently than other skills, so worth mentioning. If you get a dupe with the Masterworks as a default skill, they won't complete a painting. The game message is "Local colony lacks art fundamentals." Which is true, but there is a dupe with max art skill. When checking the (blank canvas) painting's "Errands" menu it says, about the masterworks dupe, "requires learned skill." I seem to remember other skills (like digging and mechatronics engineer) not requiring the earlier levels being unlocked for the dupe to be able to do the higher-level skill they came with. A similar approach across skills might be good.
  8. Thanks! And I hadn't even realized there was such a compendium - thanks for pointing it out.
  9. Hiya, I maintain a site with some guides and such for beginners ( I'd like to add one of those "Things I wish I'd known when I started" sections. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. It can be anything related to the game, really. (I'll add a list of names of people who offered thoughts at the bottom of the list.) Many thanks for any replies!
  10. Title. Can't be 100% certain of the cause of the crash, but it happened less than a second after deleting a spacefarer module that had a dupe inside. I could see the dupe appear/pop out when the spacefarer module disappeared/was deleted, then the game crashed.
  11. The Gassy Moo needs more space than other critters at the grooming station. Having a grooming station next to a wall leads to there not being enough space to groom the Moo. When there isn't enough space to groom a Gassy Moo, the game says "No critters available." A less confusing text would be something along the lines of "grooming station needs more space." (This problem, and its solution, were posted some years ago by Merkyor on Reddit.)
  12. The space heater's status box doesn't give the minimum atmospheric pressure needed for the space heater to work. When it is in a vacuum it says "Low Air Pressure" in red. If you mousover that text, it says: "A minimum atmospheric pressure of {TargetPressure} is needed for this building to heat up"
  13. When selecting research to be conducted that requires a Data Analysis Researcher, a notification appears if you don't have a dupe with that skill. After teaching a dupe the skill the alert/promt doesn't disappear.
  14. Thanks for the response. Might be worth tweaking, still. Not very self-evident
  15. The setup: a Materials Study Terminal with a motion sensor and a lamp on the right. (See picture) When a dupe comes to work the terminal (coming in from the right), the duplicant sensor flashes green when the dupe passes it to turn on the Materials Study terminal, then goes red again. When the dupe returns to work the machine, the motion sensor doesn't register the dupe. Meaning the light doesn't turn on.
  16. I am also having this problem. EDIT/ADDITION: My findings are similar to earlier posts: reloading the game when in orbit did nothing - the bug persisted. Reloading the game pre-launch and then flying to the planet again worked.
  17. Nisbet is stuck permanently trying to release pressure from an oil well that is disabled by automation. (Manually enabling the oil well fixes the issue. But having to keep an eye on automated machines kind of defeats the point of automation... )
  18. If a dupe is on their way to a rocket (in my case they were in a transport tube - don't know if that is relevant) when their schedule switches to downtime, they move on to the next task after their downtime, skipping/deleting the space mission task.
  19. Playing a one-dupe world I was (finally) ready to launch my first rocket. When the dupe entered the rocket it triggered the "Colony Lost" pop-up notification. Even though the dupe is alive, but is in the rocket. The red "colony lost" notification in the upper left side of the screen remains, even after the dupe has returned from their space mission. PIC 1: dupe enters rocket, colony lost pop-up PIC 2: dupe has returned, colony lost notification still there Suggestion/possible fix: this pop-up could have a check first, to see if there are any dupes in rockets or on space missions (from which they will return, i.e. not the temporal tear) Edit/addition: the resource list also becomes wonky when there are no dupes on the asteroid, when all are in space. Presumably due to how the game calculates what resources can be reached, which goes a bit funny when no dupes are around to reach any resources. The resources don't show 0 for all things - some show there being a bit of resources, many show there being no resources of that type.
  20. Comfy beds in the environment can be automatically assigned to dupes, even if they are not reachable or visible to the player. This results in a dupe sleeping on the ground even if there are unassigned (player-built) beds in the base. Picture 1: A dupe sleeping on the floor, even though there is an unassigned bed. The dupe is assigned a comfy bed, even though no such beds have been built. Picture 2: The comfy bed in question is part of a POI near the base. However, it is inaccessible and (largely) hidden by the fog of war.
  21. Update: setting build commands - in my case to build over 5-6 of the radiant pipes with regular granite pipes - makes the output temperature of the oxygen leaving the icebox drop to close to zero. However, it immediately starts rising back to 40-50C. This happens even though no dupes have actually built anything yet. Similarly, when a dupe comes and actually replaces one (or more) of the tiles with granite, the temperature drops to slightly above 0 (which I imagine is close to what it would be without the bug), but then the temperature immediately stars rising to 40-50 again.
  22. I built an AETN-powered icebox (polluted water) to cool my (SPOM) oxygen. Even though the polluted water in the icebox is close to freezing, and the oxygen passes through 16 radiant pipes (8 Wolframite, 8 steel), the oxygen coming out is roughly the same temperature as it is going in: more than +40 C. I started with just the Wolframite tiles, and when that wasn't chilling the oxygen I thought it might just be a nerf of some kind. Then I added the steel, but with no better success. The oxygen is somewhat chilled when going through the icebox. But there are a lot of temperature fluctuations - sometimes it's close to freezing, sometimes more than 40 degrees warm. However, whatever the temperature of the oxygen in the icebox, the first pipe tile the oxygen hits after leaving the icebox, the oxygen temperature immediately jumps up to 40-50 degrees.