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  1. This morning I have been having some issues with the game Don’t Starve Together. It has been a while since I last played the game (4+ months), and apon trying to open it this morning via steam, the game opened minimised with a black screen, and then went full screen (still black) and then the black screen disappeared and steam said I “Stopped playing DST” I have never had this issue before now, so this caught me by surprise. I have tried multiple times to uninstall the game and reinstall, verify the games integrity files, uninstall steam, restart and shut down my computer, reinstall the VC+DX Redist files, unsubscribe from and uninstall all my mods and copy the files for “Do Not Starve Together” into the games local files, however nothing has changed and the same problem keeps occurring. I’ve tried lookin through the logs, but nothing made sense with it. Also despite unsubscribing from and uninstalling the mods via steam, the log seemed to still be trying to load them. Some more information connected to the issues: DST doesn’t seem to be registering as a game according to my GeForce Experience game optimizer, despite DS (Don’t starve) being recognised by the same program, and opening and running just fine. The crashes are not very likely connected to my graphics card or laptop, as larger games like “Overwatch”, “Minecraft” and “No Mans Sky” and smaller games like “Don’t starve” and “Oxygen not included” all load and run fine (Overwatch running really well), and are all registered as optimized games in my GeForce Experience game optimizer. I really want to play with my friend whos just got back from boarding school, but the game cannot open at all. Thank you for reading!
  2. When I create a new server in the last 2 days and enable caves, I just get an error message saying to try again, but when I disable caves I can open the new world just fine. This is a new issue for me, as all servers previously have had caves and ran very well, and this isnt an issue with mods, since even with all server and client mods disabled, I still can't open caves. Thanks for reading! (hopefully its fixable)