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  1. So this system doesn't work yet, am I right? Because it doesn't allow me to link anything to the existed account except twitch and douyu. Also, I was able to register two different accounts with the same email address (one with Epic and one with Steam, both with different "Klei User ID" and "Player ID"). Honestly, it looks such a mess at the moment, I hope it will be fixed in due time. Anyway, I've bought the game in EGS and I don't regret it, such quality for such low price (considering regional prices). And I don't actually need a copy in Steam, just letting you know that there are people who doesn't care that much where the game will be released if it will be high quality game. Cheers.
  2. Can't save progress?

    I have the same problem and I think I know the cause of it. The game doesn't save the progress if the windows' profile name contains anything except latin characters. I've created new profile with only latin characters and the game works fine under it with proper saves and all.