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  1. [Poll] Summer

    I prefer to be called a caveman not a moleworm. Just chill downstairs all season but I mean my main base is always located there anyway. Except first summer where I try to grab the oasis blueprints before goin back to camp
  2. Wes Balloons

    No matter what the results are mate, still won't change my opinion on em : P Edit- I was one of the people arguing over em heh
  3. Fossil pieces left on the ground get destroyed too im pretty sure. Not if you build them into the skeleton tho, then it's safe.
  4. Woodie! Just fell for his personality when I first started playing. Find his forms extremely useful too, it's satisfying to tear through hundreds of trees as a beaver, especially with honey spice, goose is great for early mapping, and it's fun to beat stuff up as a giant ass moose.