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  1. Ive tried putting wheezeworts in a sealed room and in a couple of cycles all of the gas was gone and they no longer cooled anything so I was just wasting phosphorite and duplicant labor. I believe the problem started with mixed gases as the wheezewort exports gases through the top but imports from all other sides so if it pull multiple types of gases they get deleted. Which shouldn't be how they work but im sure someone could make a build using this bug to delete heat. By pushing multiple types of gases into sealed rooms with wheezeworts.
  2. In my base I have about 15 oxyferns on irrigation tiles that I am using for oxygen production. The only problem I am currently experiencing with them is that they super compress the CO2 around them at the base of the oxyfern and I will have up to 20kg of CO2 in one spot while the surrounding air is only pressurized to 1-2kg of oxygen/CO2.