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  1. Using that mod recommended from Nessumo and the name of the waterweed seed (Sealettuceseed) from JRup i have managed to get some out of my printing pod! Burgers for all!, at least once i get my puft ranch going
  2. Waterweed is not part of that mod, i dont know the in code tag to add it myself to the mod. Does anyone here know it ? For the seed, not the plant
  3. That doesn't leave any "marks" so to speak on the game ?
  4. Im playing on Badlands and I'm on Cycle 5586 and counting.. Yes its been a while! I figured i would treat my dupes and make them some lovely burgers! i looked to the stars since i had no waterweed on my map.. uh oh! no seeds in space, and Google tells me the gateway cant print them either ? Does this mean i have to cheat them in ? after this many cycles of legit gameplay i have to cheat in LETTUCE ?! really KLEI ? Please dont make me ruin my game by having to enable debug mode can you add waterweed seeds to the gateway in a hot fix or something, i dont care if i have to wait another 5000 cycles for them to show up, ill happily wait till cycle 10000
  5. This is happening to me to, however not once have they applied the farmers touch buff to my blossoms I have plenty of Micronutrient fertiliser, they are just not using them on Blossoms