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  1. I am getting some huge hangs now that I wasn't getting 24 hours ago. My game will lag for about 5 seconds every minute or so. I have had a similar pause on cycle change, but now it is too regular to play the game. Save attached. Arrakis.sav linux ryzen 7x
  2. Ruh roh. There goes my automated ethanol loop.
  3. There is a mealwood to the left of your arbor that is blocking it
  4. If you set the priority of a planter box / farm tile to 1 it will still be filled by a sweeper but effectively ignored by the duplicants unless they are basically idle.
  5. Same way as anything else. Fed with sweepers and conveyors. Works nicely for me as I now take the iron ore direct to my smelters.
  6. This bug is a game breaker for most existing saves. The contents of a radiant pipe cannot be cooled, but a radiant pipe can change them temperature of what is around it. So a hot radiant pipe flowing into an aetn will heat the aetn up, but not lose any heat in the process. Like wise a cold radiant pipe will not be heated when going through a hot area. It will chill it endlessly. You can build systems to abuse it, but most existing bases will be borked.
  7. Before and after temps of water going behind AETN. It is in gold radiant pipes while behind the aetn and the atmo of 4000g hydrogen. Also the hydrogen has heated from ~2-4c to 15c in half a cycle.
  8. Can people check their AETNs are working. Not convinced mine are.
  9. Unsure if this has been reported or not. Conveyors don't flow past the first receptacle.
  10. Collission detection for pneumatic doors is not working right. Actually disregard that. Just re-tested in a new game. It seems like the change in size of the distillery caused it to overlap with existing mesh tiles & pneumatic doors which then led to mesh tiles and doors having no presence for collisions any more in that particular save only.