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  1. Not sure if this has changed or not. But my experience was the seeds are generated only when new branches are created. Harvesting a branch doesn't count as creating a new one. My work around was to manually remove the branches off the tree using the dig command. This counted as new branches and started dropping seeds.
  2. Conveyor item sorting

    Thanks, I had figured out using the sweeper setup, but ideally wanted to have something that would, for example, just pull coal out of a running conveyor. There are only a handful of items I really care about on an ongoing basis, coal, sand, regolith, fossil, metal ore. The rest can probably be dupe humped for the most part.
  3. Is there a method of filtering conveyor contents in the same way as liquid or gas? Is it possible to do using looped bridges like you can the above?
  4. I would love a threat model in the game. Handling survival has become relatively trivial and now it's about making life more comfortable for the dupes rather than any kind of fear. Creatures going truly hostile, a stress option where destructive becomes postal or crier become suicidal after a long enough period. Invasions from other dupes on other asteroids where they do things like poison your air supply with zombie spores.
  5. @PhailRaptor I know. But dreckos with telekenisis is way way more fun And it was actually a tile of CO2 with a dupe fart sitting on top of it
  6. I'll hold the water back with the power of my mind!
  7. Been there, bought this t shirt only recently. You need to filter the two fluids out and then deconstruct / rebuild the gens. There is no other solution unfortunately. I run two separate gen systems for this exact reason.
  8. @Lifegrow - I find running it on stone hatches the most effective with autowrangle set for other types which I then drop in a murder pool. This does mean that occasionally you are down to 7 hatches in a pen if you do happen to end up with a wrong hatch egg held for hatching. My current base runs 7 of these. You need 3 hatches per dupe for omeletes, so I base it on 2 dupes per setup.
  9. When I am swapping a farm from one type of plant to another the pips annoy me so so so so much. I was converting from mealwood to bristles in one game and they were getting to my farm tiles faster than my dupes. All I can say is that I would be on trial at the hague for what happened next. Pips talk about it to this day in whispered cheeps, terrified that the next knock on their door would be the dupes looking for them.
  10. Initially seal the generator room and just let the pressure build to something truly stupid. I think my 4 gen room got to about 400kg CO2. Then when you have got slickers in the oil biome dig a channel from the oil biome straight up to your generator room and then crack that store of carbon to flow down to the slickers. Also I don't collect the pdirt from stills till late game, I just put a deodorizer at the door so I get oxygen and clay production.
  11. [Game Update] - 355385

    Yep steam restart fixed. Thanks
  12. [Game Update] - 355385

    I am getting some huge hangs now that I wasn't getting 24 hours ago. My game will lag for about 5 seconds every minute or so. I have had a similar pause on cycle change, but now it is too regular to play the game. Save attached. Arrakis.sav linux ryzen 7x
  13. The only Agree to disagree on this one. They have benefits, no doubt, the biggest for me is they clump elements into full packets on a mixed input stream. But compared to a box room with a second pump in their they lose across the board. Personally I think they should either be way smaller, like 2x1 / 3x1 with a smaller capacity. Or they should store 3 or 4 times as much.
  14. It's been like that forever. Not sure as to the rationale, but you can compensate for it very easily by increasing the start % of your 1st choice power.
  15. [Game Update] - 354426

    I'm stable on LInux Mint cinnamon system.