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  1. Can I world hop and use Wicker's books then change characters? I know in my inventory they vanish but can I just leave them in my shipwrecked world (chests or floor) and will they stay there?
  2. World linking

    I linked a wrong shipwrecked world and only now realised... Is there a way I can unlink a world or relink it?
  3. Sea worther

    Well... I hope it will respawn.
  4. Renewable vs Not-Renewable

    Rocks are actually infinite. Earthquakes and moleworms spawn them.
  5. Flotsam

    I looked for information but never seemed to get an answer. I know I can destroy Wolly's boat, but I don't want to. I'm trying to find alternatives to get the sea worther. Thing is, flotsam was here earlier days, but thing is I'm over day 500 and haven't seen any since then. I camp near the shore for aesthetic reasons (idc about pengulls) and haven't seen any spawning there. My questions are: Will flotsam appear near Wolly, maybe on a certain season/time? Maybe if I stay around Wolly for a while? Also how much time near the shore until it finally spawns? Any information is welcome, thank you!
  6. Sea worther

    You know when? I go there every season but never seem to find any
  7. Sea worther

    Flotsam doesn't show up. I tried my best to look for it but no luck. Is there a way I can spawn it? I even tried linking a sw world with this one Well now I can't go back to sw.
  8. I have a RoG world that I want to create a SW world, so I'm trying hard to find a sea worther for the seaworthy, however, I don't really want to destroy Wolly's boat. My options were fishing flotsam or farming the ancient pseudoscience station. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find any flotsam, so I farmed the ancient pseudoscience station, sadly, I got literally every trinket except the sea worther. I was told it's possible with a 2% chance, but I got all the trinkets more than once, did someone ever got it this way? Do I need to be more patient or is it just not possible? May it be the trinkets odds aren't weighted and there's a less chance? Is there, maybe, another way? Command isn't an option as my Rog/Sw is on a console, neither is world hopping as I started building a megabase and I'm on day 500. I'd appreciate any help, thank you. I'm new here, if this is on the wrong thread please tell me