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  1. I recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I went through the very tedious process of removing and reinstalling all the drivers correctly. Specs below: Dell Vostro 3650 Laptop i7-3632QM @ 2.2GHz 8 GB RAM AMD HD7670M However, ONI now has serious tearing and performance issues. Right from the menu it's visible, but it's still there in the game. Performance has also taken a serious hit. I've tried reinstalling drivers, verifying game files, reinstalling ONI, changing graphics card selections to & from Intel Integrated in AMD Catalyst Centre. Image showing tearing below.. It seemed to fix the tearing when i select "High Performance" from Windows Graphics settings, but performance is still ridiculous. 8 fps in Main Menu, and worse in game, even when paused. The thing is, my other games seem to load and run just fine (Don't Starve, DST, Borderlands 2, Overcooked).
  2. More excuses to not visit Australia
  3. I'd like to request a relative temperature overlay mod. I feel like the current one is great for the livable range of duplicants, but it would be so much better IMO if we could change the blue to red range and baseline (i.e set a start temp and colour change interval). As an example - in Rime world, the whole map is basically blue, but just outside your printing pod it's about 10 degC, and just near that -40 degC. They're both the same shade of blue in the overlay. This is the same as ice biomes where -140 degC next to the AETN is the same colour as -40 degC by the weezewort. Or - temps above 100 degC are red. Yes, hotter gets darker. But it would be great to choose a baseline of 100 degC and see where the temps slowly change to 540 degC for petroleum boiler or something.
  4. It's really not clear that the petroleum generator can use ethanol as fuel. Yes, it says "combustible liquid", but there's no indication anywhere that it actually can take ethanol as a fuel source. I recommend maybe just changing the first line to "Converts Petroleum or Ethanol into electrical Power."
  5. Although in this specific case each dupe has it's own toilet; could actually work well.
  6. I suppose one way to try counteract this would be an autosweeper / conveyor setup at the bottom of each ladder, but it shouldn't have to be that way.
  7. I think this is a great idea. And if you look at our nuclear power here on Earth, it's all about using steam anyways. The steam turbine might be "overused" in ONI, but it most certainly is the best form of power generation we have. The game already has lead in it, so it can be used for radiation suits and nuclear powered rooms to prevent radiation escaping.