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  1. Hello Klei! Firstly, congratulations for the excellent work in creating the additional content. I'm a big fan of your DS work so much that I play on all platforms. By far, the PC version is far superior to the others in terms of command response. On PS4 I noticed that the square button performs a kind of forced attack, something I believe resembles CRTL + F on the PC. It happens that when performing an attack without using the L3 target lock (or it would be R3, I don't remember at the moment, sorry ...) if there is a crowd on the screen or attackable targets like Cheester, passive mobs walls the command doesn't prioritize the aggressive ones. (as it is in the PC version when attacking using F only). I think it would be interesting to add some command (perhaps some square key combined) for attacking aggressive mobs exclusively, prioritizing targets with the most health within a given range, followed by proximity to the player etc. I believe that an additional command in this sense would improve the gaming experience and make it possible to take advantage of the precise combat against Bee Queen and Fuelweaver, for example, which are Bosses who invoke many targets that the commands do not help. I hope these ideas help you. Again, congratulations on your efforts to bring new content. A brotherly hug to the team.
  2. Hello Klei! First of all I would like to congratulate you on your efforts to bring new content to the base game. I particularly follow DS on all platforms: Mobile on Android, Console on PS4 and obviously Steam. Therefore, I am categorical in stating that by far the PC versions are far superior to the others. Not only in terms of control response but additional content (like Twitch Skins gains, beta functions, mods etc). I know that a lot of these mentioned above do not depend solely on the team that gets "stuck" by Sony guidelines as an example. However, I believe there is a way to slightly improve connectivity between platforms. Perhaps a simple QR code generated on the console or PC could be enough to unify accounts and share Skins items for example. I always try to buy practically all the cosmetics and new games released by the company, because that is the way I have to recognize the affection and care that is applied in each new update, but I miss being able to use items from one platform to another, because It turns out that time spent in one, is time lost in another ... Finally, I would like to know if there is any possibility of having a multi-format item sharing. Again, congratulations on the great work. Brotherly hugs!