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  1. No Automation

    This ones a game killer. I have researched smart home for the automation wire before I researched the smart battery once I had researched the smart battery and went to build it, when I went to connect the automation wire I discovered there was no icon for automation at all meaning I can't build the automation wire or anything else from automation. You can see what the current state of the game was from the screenshots. Problem is rectified by restarting the game.
  2. Graphic Glitch

    So it didn't take long to find a bug in the beta release. First cycle I was setting the water pump up and my polluted water catchment got too much water in it, so I destroyed a block to free the water, when there was a flash and well look at the pictures to see what happened. You can see Lindsay as she had just destroyed the block she is still in the air. the rest of the picture tells the rest of the story. Scrolling left or up would remove the artefacts but scrolling back they would reappear.Also they didn't cover the whole screen, as is seen from the left hand side of second screenshot.
  3. Crazy saves

    It has happened twice since I posted this, I quit the game after the last one as nearly the entire map is up for deletion and I just couldn't be bothered sorting it all out.
  4. It shouldn't read 326.3Kj as you have only done 326.3j, it is a bug not quite as you are thinking it is, instead a typo mistake. I'm actually attempting the same achievement and it will probably take around 750 - 100 cycles for me to get it.
  5. Crazy saves

    When the game auto saves and you are doing something the game has started to multiply whatever it is you are doing. I have noticed it is to the right and up from where you are doing something as you can see from the screenshot I was doing setting up a digging command in the bottom left corner when the game saved, it was only a few tiles that was going to be dug up, but the game thought otherwise as you can see from the screenshot. I have also had this happen twice when placing ladders, though that result was not quite so severe as it only created a diagonal row of ladders. Only happens when doing something when the save happens.
  6. Saltvine

    You can grow Dasha Saltvines in farm tiles when the farm tile is built for plants growing up, when the saltvine grows down see screenshot.
  7. It's not just sweeping, it can be anything. right now I have a yellow alert going for a supply of sand to a farm tile and they are ignoring it, while they deliver polluted water to some Arbor trees a few tiles above it that's on a lower priority. right now the game is broken if it is not happening to you or you are not noticing it then great for you, but with nearly 700 hours in game time and a multitude of maps under my belt I have not had this problem till this patch.
  8. I think this patch has kind of broke the game. I'm finding my dupes are now ignoring high priority jobs and just doing the lower priority ones unless they are told to do that certain job, for example: if you have the pitcher pump set on 8 or nine for polluted water, they will ignore picking up the polluted water, the only way they will collect the water is if you actually set the water to sweep, and even then they may just ignore it until you put it onto top priority. Which leads to another failure, they may even just ignore a top priority job, another example: I had a dupe drop some bleach stone right in the middle of the base, right next to the storage bin it was meant to be put in, I put it on top priority sweep and I watched the dupes just ignore it, they would put other things into the bin but not the high priority job I eventually had to reload the game as the base was just filling up with chlorine. There is something currently wrong with the game right now and it started right after this patch.
  9. Arbor Acorns

    Not sure if this is a bug or not. I have had a Arbor Tree planted for around 140 Cycles with no pips, I have been harvesting the lumber from it. I have ended up with 39000 lumber. The Arbor tree description says there is a 10% chance of getting a seed or in other words an Arbor Acorn. To get 39000 lumber I have harvested from the tree 130 times but not once have I had a single Arbor Acorn from it, I should have around 13 at the very least I should have at least 1. So either the Arbor tree does not drop any seeds at all, or the 10% drop rate is way off. If it does not drop any seeds then the description is wrong and needs to be changed.
  10. Some reservations

    I can only show a picture of the current base it has moved on slightly since I first reported it, as I now have three nature reserves, the 1, 2 and 3 on the map picture, still not the 4, while the achievements picture clearly shows I have the achievement some reservations. If you want I could drop a save file to show it but I don't have a save from when I had only the two nature reserves. It's also not the first time I have had this happen but I don't normally check the achievements so I don't know if it happens every time or not. I actually had clicked on the colony summary by accident and it took me to it, that's the only reason I noticed it this time.
  11. Some reservations

    The achievement some reservations states you need to create 4 nature reserves to attain the achievement, but it is actually giving the achievement when you create just the two nature reserves,
  12. Restart loop

    I got out of it but rapid left mouse clicking on where the mod button is when the game restarted before the restart message box appears. I got a different message box, thoughI did have to restart again but the mods were turned off when it had restarted allowing me to turn them back on and restarted one last time and everything was fine.
  13. As the title states I have an issue with the research tree where it scrolls to the left all on it's own when I zoom into it, the way it is going it is like I'm pressing down on the "D" key but I'm not, it is doing it all by itself making it hard to find the research I'm looking for as it just all scrolls off the left hand side of the screen. I'm using the build LU:356355 and started a new map, I have never had this issue before till this latest patch. I haven't tried restarting the game to see if that fixes it but I shouldn't need to do that.
  14. Bugged harvest

    Dupes all trying to harvest the same branch on an Arbor tree. The tree has a Meelwood plant on either side of it, at first I thought that was what they were trying to harvest. They just keep on harvesting, that single branch till the end of the cycle by then they had managed to harvest 21T of lumber in my gameplay. Bugged out.sav
  15. I thought you may have turned on the moral bonus from Parks and Nature reserves, or are you saving that for the full release. Also can you not un-nerf the wheezeworts even just a little because as they are right now they are next to useless also a few more of them spawning in the ice bioms would be nice.