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  1. When generating a new world, before selcting the starting dupes, the progress on the yellow loading bar at the bottom skips back and forth
  2. After launching a rocket, the launch bay is properly displayed. After reload, some rocket parts of launched rockets are shown (despite the rocket obviously not being there). In my case this seems to include: - Petroleum Engine - Cargo Bay - Liquid Fuel Tank - Solid Oxidizer Tank Command Pod and Research Modules are properly displayed.
  3. I'm playing on Badlands map but got lucky to receive an Arbor Acorn on the Printer. After a few hundred cycles of growing and harvesting, not a single seed has dropped - this is beyond unlikely (the drop chance is supposed to be 10%?). So this is either a bug or are those simply not supposed to drop?
  4. Same here. Thankfully, the grooming station can still be used
  5. Malformed tooltip appears when hovering over Slime or Phosphorite bait option (see picture)
  6. The Desalinator can be rotated clockwise to 4 different configurations, but not flipped like Water Sieves or Lavatories (which is what would make sense - to flip the input/output ports) This bug report also mentions that an upside-down desalinator does not work correctly, so I assume the whole flipping/rotation function of the Desalinator still needs work.
  7. Same issue here. When the pipe on the lavatory input (marked red in the picture) is built first, and the pipe that connects to it (marked blue in the picture) second, the game will grab all 8GB of my RAM and freeze. When the blue pipe is built first, and the red one second, the game keeps running without an issue. Delicate Utopia.sav
  8. When dupes harvest a "Harvest Ready" branch, no Lumber is dropped at all. Similarly, Arbor Trees don't seem to drop Lumber by themselves, the "Harvest Ready" branches just disappear after a while.