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  1. I figured, but the more sources they have the more it might help to solve the issues. Different perspectives are never a bad thing when dealing with bugs. It is why I reported it after all.
  2. I started crashing about an hour ago, and I kept doing the same things over and over eliminating certain actions until i figured out what was causing my crashing. Every time I deconstructed a pipe from the Filtered Gas Output on my Gas Filter, the game would crash. Once I figured this out I just stopped deconstructing this one piece of pipe. After about 30 minutes I started to crash again, I realized I was trying to deconstruct a Pipe from the Filtered Liquid Output port, so I took a few crashes to make sure that that was it, and it was. TLDR; Deconstructing the piped immedately connected to the Filtered Gas/Liquid Output ports are causing crashes, atleast in my game. Save file attached. Dump.sav