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  1. One Ethanol Distiller takes 1000g/s lumber. That's 600Kg/Cycle lumber 1 Tree procudes 1500Kg Lumber per 18 Cycles (If Dupe harvested). That's 83.33 Kg/Cycle lumber 1 Tree procudes 1500Kg Lumber per 22 Cycles (Wild - According to 4 cycle drop off) . That's 68.18 Kg/Cycle lumber 600/83.33 = 7.2 Trees needed per distiller. 600/68.18 = 8.8 Trees needed per distiller So 7 wouldn't be enough while 9 should be more than enough. Are you sure about the drop off cycle being 4 for wild plants? I think that's the mistake, I believe it differs on each plant. Can you show us a screenshot?
  2. Cool liquid

    If i remember correctly, the heat gets deleted through the hydrogen exiting the electrolysers, looping through the aquatuner room until the hydrogen is warm enough, and gets pumped into a hydrogen generator. Deleting heat this way.
  3. Where is my Pokeshell that can beat up intruders?
  4. Nice video! I didn't have time to watch it with sounds and I skipped through a few parts. I would have loved to see this before my build, it would have saved me a lot of time I like how you exchanged heat with Sourgas and Natural gas, I might be able to implement something like that, without the need of these pushing doors.
  5. Currenty there are 62 Nat Gas generators in use which are running all the time. These need 5580/s Nat Gas, Which roughly is 8.328/s Crude oil. By letting it run at 10KG/s I will have to stop it every now and then to make sure all Nat Gas is getting deleted. The doors are closing to delete some heat once the Aquatuners reach 900C, this rarely happens once it's running at full capacity but is still needed to prevent it from overheating.
  6. I keep it around -250C to make it run smoother. At -165C you will have pockets of Sour gas not converting to Methane and slipping through the bottom of the chamber. This results in the liquid Methane transofrming to gas. By having it at -250, the Sour gas instantly flashes to liquid methane in all three columns. The heat exchanger on the right will already warm up the Crude Oil to around 400C and cool down the Sour Gas to 160C. Starting up the generator, all 4 aquatuners will be active and the Steam Turbine cannot keep up, (A temp sensor at 900C will limit overheating on the aquatuners). I've let it run over 100 cycles non-stop without any issues. At the top of the system the Sour Gas is around 160C, the Oil drips down, while warming up to 520C. At the bottom the oil flashes to Sour Gas. The Sour Gas then moved up, cooling down to around 160C. The Steam Turbine is there because the Aquatuners generate a bit more heat than I can use.
  7. I would like to hear your thoughts on my 50KW Oil Boiler, 10kg/s Crude Oil and some power here and there comes in, 50KW (62 Nat Gas generators) of power goes out. There are probably a lot more of these kind of setups on this forum, I just wanted to share mine and see if it can be improved. Oil comes in on the top right, and goes through the heat exchanger to maximize efficiency. The oil gets boiled to Sour Gas on the Diamond Window tiles and moves upwards cooling down in the process. Automatic doors will push the Sour Gas into the cooling room. Super Coolant of -250C will cool the Sour gas down to a liquid Methane. The liquid Methane will not transform to a solid because it will drop down to the reservoir in a vacuum. The liquid methane is pumped into another room which will help cool the Sour Gas down even more and warming up Methane to Natural Gas. Automation is set to stop the incoming oil after 20KG of pressure is reached inside the natural gas chamber. The Steam turbine is set up to prevent the Aquatuners from overheating.
  8. Shove vole farm?

    I've been using a mechanized airlock made out of steel for my base for almost a month now, when did that stop working?
  9. Shove vole farm?

    Use Steel as building material for your Mechanized Airlock.
  10. It's not about the heat, it's about rockets being able to destroy everything in their path .
  11. Can’t you place a rocket under it?
  12. Gimme gimme gimme! I can't play for a few days and I'm curious
  13. I'll setup a Squeaky Puft ranch later this week and will experience the "hassle" myself
  14. For some reason i can't quote you properly. Salt Water is now a renewable resource with the new guaranteed geyser.