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  1. Does anyone know how you are able to space travel with this food nerf? I'm not able to travel anywhere without my food expiring and it's quite tedious to travel now. I love the nerfs and I was really for them, but it makes space travel so much more complicated.
  2. Mind if I ask, how do you sort different seeds and stack them? Isn't a seed considered the same for a solid filter?
  3. Ever since the latest patch I'm unable to plant some plants in farm tiles. Reloading fixes it for some farm tiles but not for all. Very weird bug. That aside, great update! Looking forward to figure out what the new plants are!
  4. If you manage to get it hooked up to another PC, try EaseUS to recover data. I had some fairly positive results so far.
  5. Thanks, I can confirm that removing the oil well through debug mode (As well as the oil reservoir) will prevent the game from crashing.
  6. Attached save file will crash I believe after hitting cycle 191. 10 seconds in the game crashes. Not sure if I should select Live Branch os Preview Branch based when it's about Spaced Out
  7. 2% would be nice to me if the visuals of lights are more visible and unlit areas are more dark. Or at least a setting for it so we can play in darker natural light, that you can actually see light effects properly.
  8. Does it count lights turned off by the motion sensor?
  9. Fix Confirmed, You guys are heroes! I'm amazed by the support Klei gives, keep up the good work Enjoy the weekend
  10. Hi, Digging up the sedimentary rock tile that's in the middle of the screen will cause the game to crash. Only this single tile seems to cause the game to crash. I confirmed it's not caused by another dupe, I've ran multiple tests and at the moment a dupe starts digging this tile, the game freezes. Crashbase.sav
  11. Game is consistently crashing around 5-10 seconds after loading. A paused game does not crash Debug mode instant deconstructing gas pipes forces a crash immediately. Save file attached, good luck The Yucky Cosmos.sav