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  1. Not from what I've seen so far most of the time it's above 20t but never more than 30t, but that is not the point of this bug report, as you can see the rest of the Lumber disappears when it's over 100t which results in a loss of materials.
  2. If you have a stack of Lumber above 100t and you add more to the stack it stays at 100t thus added Lumber being deleted. Oxygen Not Included 2019-07-31 09-32-28_Trim.mp4
  3. It’s also happening for me, this isn’t good a lot of my Ranches and other rooms will be neglected and dysfunctional thus my base being less efficient. Rooms Broken.sav
  4. I would prefer that we have both options, these challenges are what makes the game enjoyable (for me at least) Since I'm playing on a map with no Swamp Biome I have to create Algae by using Puffs.
  5. When life is tough just make a giant Mealwood farm, at one point I had 1M+ kCals of it, Lettuce is kind of a Mid to Late game food item anyways since you can only process it in a Gas Range, not to mention that some maps won't have naturally spawned Puffs (and a Swamp Biome) so you'll have to get them from Care packages. then breed more and hopefully get a Squeaky then start domesticating Lettuce. I'm also getting crashes(I've attached a file to a Thread already), hopefully it's fixed soon but don't rush take your time Devs
  6. Same issue here. I think it has something to do with the Water Sieve processing a lot of Polluted Water at once (per pipe tile) However, I've discovered that the Pipes aren't functioning correctly either; running in a direction it shouldn't GIF Additionally after I've rebuilt the Water Sieve it the game seems to work fine. Bug Report.sav