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  1. It's been a good run but it's time and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
  2. Not really. It does mean we'll have to make cooling loops based on freezable liquids (crude or p initially) and deal with cooling the food storage area down Prepare the deep freeze rooms! LOVE the diamond press. Balance seems fine IMO but again, I think we're entering a phase where we need the ability to pipe radiation places. Great update, thanks!
  3. Maybe a radiation generator? If we were to get conduits, maybe it could be a high-powered, low output radiation source for conduits. Visuals are there for that even.
  4. The new design signifies that it needs to be enclosed is nice. IMO, keep it unless we get conduits for radiation? I didn't realize that dupes or animals could get killed by radbolts and you can't even flip the building around. Building that looks like it's containing something is a small intuitive nudge that you need to be careful.
  5. There is the lion sculpture. And really, don't longhair slicksters look a little suspiciously like a fluffy cat modified for space?
  6. Strongly agree! This is an amazing game and everything so far in the DLC has vastly improved it. Or least it will when they're done implementing
  7. I work in the devops field and the first thing I have to do when bringing people onto my team is helping them understand that people do beautifully weird things. Can't assume that a 'bad' design is bad - it just means we probably don't understand the goals or why's first. Once we understand that, we can move to a few recommendations with pros and cons working back from the goals. Had a series of these conversations yesterday in fact. Ironically, it literally is a part of maturing engineers that knowledge and understanding are wildly different things. 20 years ago I knew that Linux was the way, and that Microsoft and Apple were evil. Anyone who didn't understand that was probably a lowly Microsoft tech who didn't know anything or an Apple fanboy. Now I have a Linux server because it's quick to setup and I have to do it once a decade, a Apple Laptop because it just works, and I don't have to mess with boot or sleep or driver problems, and a gaming Window machine because Wine and Cygwin, and all of the other hacks out there are buggy. What changed? I realized that time was the thing I cared about most. I understood that different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses and that it was okay to set goals and work backwards from them removing your biases going in. I'm much happier now
  8. You will be much happier with life when you discover there are very few 'right way's, merely a (but usually several) best approaches for a specific need at a specific time. Maybe the joy in games like ONI is in figuring out the why's? Instead of telling people *what* to do, help them understand the systems in place and give generic advice, and make sure they understand the levers available. A game in which you can give people a walkthrough is boring.
  9. Options are good. Don't think of it as duplication, think of it as a playstyle preference. Clearly a lot of people liked this system, it merges the systems closer to the base game. It's like food. Is ranching a duplication of farming? Is it okay if you hate one and love the other?
  10. Welp, you just addressed one of the most requested features so far. And... I think it's official - Space is fixed! WAHOO! THANK YOU KLEI! Agree. Also, I don't zerg it. I push to get a rocket updated and then I just research while in-flight while populating new planets. The new system gives you more reasons to do that anyway. This is a huge win/win!
  11. Any chance this could get a look? I think this partially hits food too to a lesser extent. Keep up the good work!
  12. Yeah, there is room to do a ton, it just means reduced solar for spaced out maps.