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  1. Yeah, it definitely feels more erratic after the last patch. Had one of these too:
  2. Yeah, there is room to do a ton, it just means reduced solar for spaced out maps.
  3. They made the launch pad a platform now, which I guess makes sense it would block. OTOH, do you really need 8 rocket silo's now? One to three seem plenty now that they can be re-used by any rocket.
  4. Super agree. Transporters are neat but make them fully end-game. Same for teleporters. Let them be buildable past the first set for nutty amounts of resources if you are that into a base and want to min max for huge throughput. A co2 rocket with only one destination and all needed modules would be neat. As a bonus it would let newbies figure the space game out before having to diy..
  5. This is an interesting point but we're really getting into min max territory. Like does it matter which kind of pipe you use? At the end of the day we are really talking about more or less power being used to heat or cool things which in turn breaks down into cycles and optimizations. Did it have to go? No. Did a rebalance improve the game? Sure thing! I think this is what is causing the 'do not like it do use it' discussions and at some level, why one side here is talking past the other. This said there is definitely joy in building the perfect system, I get it
  6. ONI is legos for adults. What's the right way to play? The way you enjoy. What's the wrong way to play? To not have fun. That's literally all there is to this
  7. I think the gist is that preferences are unhooked from suggestions which is valid. What's occurring though is people are intertwining these two things greatly on these threads. For the ranching example, it would be like Gurgel saying 'I don't like ranching so they should remove it.'. That's not improving ranching, that's changing the game to match his preferences. Also. I absolutely love the radbolt system. I hope they give us the option of high-powered (and/or expensive via radbolt) options for high throughput transports to other worlds.
  8. I think C is the only viable path. Pre DLC mid to late game involved running the game overnight for a lot of people while gathering resources. Think about that in terms of fun - it's not. Klei needed to change this and I'm really thankful they did/are. Watch ONI streamers sometime for another datapoint here, the all just rerolled constantly. Mid to late game was *not* fun. Is it now? I think objectively it's getting there. Spaced Out obviously isn't done but it's really clear the gameplay now is to build up, then move on, build up, then move on. Mid to late game has you doing stuff all the way through, and it all requires attention. How do you playtest those very different games to merge content? If it's not successful then we get to deal with whiners complaining about stuff being broken or too easy or too hard or whatever. I *really* like the idea of a big empty base world - some geysers, but maybe not even metal ones. Lots of water, sulfur, chlorine, and *maybe* oil etc but for sustainability - you've gotta hop worlds. You then have room for a really big base, can get started but the gameplay loop is the same otherwise.
  9. Most reviewers are people who are frustrated at something and want to vent. It takes a really motivated fanbase to do positive reviews to the point that ONI has. Also, I don't think most people will review an early access item until it's mostly baked. In short, the reviews on steam are a loosely useful measure of what people find most annoying, but not a reflection of people actually think about it - if nothing more than most people, myself included, aren't judging it as a whole yet.
  10. I like this thought too. Continuing it, if we could destruct POI's natively... sounds like that would be a fair compromise for all the preferences
  11. I find the 'I don't like spaced out I want vanilla' complaints both silly and mildly annoying because what's really being said is 'I want new content, I don't want vanilla' paired with a 'I want the vanilla' as the ask (but really a complaint/demand). I think you nailed it mario. To your point babba I think if it was framed like that people would be a lot less forceful in a response. I also wish that people would be more respectful of dev time and priorities. We play the game but remember this is also a team's artistic vision. It's okay to ask for features, note what we like and what we don't, but complaining about stuff or demanding that they do something or the game is unplayable or something - that's really weird and gross to me. We're all in this for what, $25-40 so far? For contrast, we've given Klei about the price of a nice meal out or a movie at a nice theater with a beer. With any of these examples that exchange doesn't entitle us to a lifetime of servitude. Let's not be Karens - respect goes both ways.
  12. Curse you Klei. I finally was happy with my last base. Time to re-roll. SUPER thanks for the rocket re-work. These modules are such an improvement to late game. Cannot thank you enough!
  13. I really like them. It's a nice balance - currently lead and atmo suits have an interplanetary gap for a starting world and that may expand. The CO2 thing is annoying, but that's a tradeoff that encourages progression which again is nice. Didn't they used to be bottled-only? I remember that being a hassle - prefer the current approach - or maybe let both be an option?
  14. Or just commit to missing out on the latest and greatest worlds for a bit. Honestly, this isn't a bad time to start up a colony. It'll be a bit until the worlds drastically change (probably what, 5 weeks away at minimum?) and a lot of the new systems are fun to figure out and won't change *that* drastically.