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  1. I'd like to know that, too. In particular, it would be interesting how the pathfinding compares to the scheduling in terms of performance. Right now, I'm actively blocking areas where no work should be done, which takes care of both. But I'm also storing everything in containers and I'm not sure that's necessary compared to just dropping everything in one spot, accessible or not.
  2. Lead

    Yes, there's a lot of it in the oil biome. I use it for all my wiring now, saves a lot of refining. It lowers overheat temperature, has high thermal conductivity and melts fairly quickly. I'm sure somebody will find a cool use for that!
  3. Same here, happened in a game I started for the hotfix today, when I built an algae terrarium and the resources were delivered. The output log: The Outrageous Home.sav