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  1. i open the game for 3 seconds and it crashes Quartel.sav
  2. Dupes dont plant salt seed, i´ve already tried changing to a hydroponic garden and it just doesnt work, when i put it in red priority they just ignore it. O Sol Subterrâneo.sav
  3. Texture bug when the dupe is shearing the dreco
  4. The turned off lamp is counting as source of light to the room (restaurant and bathroom)
  5. @SharraShimada It used to happen with water too but now i think it doesnt anymore
  6. Its not a bug, its just because your dupes arent delivering lumber, put one of them in high priority of supply
  7. The arbor tree is using phosforite even though it isnt growing because of the temperature
  8. After launch_testing update number 348553 i can't play because i enter the colony and the game crashes after 2-3 minutes, and i can't even report the crash in-game because the game closes before i can do it [edit] On the crashing screen appears the message: Calculated an invalid temperature:t1=346.4413, m1=0 t2=NaN, m2=0.5, min_temp=NaN, max_temp=NaN Invalid temperature [NaN]