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  1. This bug can be disregarded. Turns out it was due to an unrelated memory leak on my side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I've been playing and even hosting DST with no issues whatsoever until today. I joined a an official Klei server today and things went wrong. Living players's heads were covered in black pixels, the status screens of skeletons had black pixelated items (only some items not all, and even items and some mobs also had the problem. I tried exiting the game completely and relaunching, but upon trying to re-enter the same server, the game crashed and said that it "ran out of memory". I tried it multiple times and either the pixels appear or the game refuses to launch with the memory error. I am not running any mods at all. I checked and my drivers are up to date. I also verified the game files integrity and nothing changed. (The red text and red lines of color are the only edits I made to these picture to blur out the other player's name. Everything else is untouched)