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  1. I started a sandbox to play around with some builds and crashed the game with pipes...
  2. im in the same boat, I just noticed the update screwed up all my aqua tuner loops, they don't act the same as before so while trying to fix it the game crashes
  3. Not sure if it helps but Ive been testing what crashes it, seems to boil down to anything that can transfer heat and once you connect all the pipes together the "Optimization" code? crashes it. for some reason, connected the pipes to a single line which leads to a bridge fixes the directional bug though.
  4. Doesn't have to be outputs, I think anything that can transfer heat will crash the game. I tried showers/toilets/hydro farms for some reason sinks don't do it. I think my final guess is the new hotfix they created to fix elemental changes causes this bug
  5. I found a fix So the crash occurs when you connected multiple outputs for PW in a row, but if you create a separate line and connect them all to that and use a single bridge it will prevent the crash and fix the direction issues. let me know if this works for you Im crashing again something else interesting just came up. I think I made it worse This file crashes almost immediately apon entering now Saltweed forever Cycle 266.sav It seems this is a minor bandaid fix, once you start adding more outputs to the line it will crash.
  6. Same disconnected all my pipes in my bathroom to troubleshoot the flow bug and now when I rebuild it just freezes the client Saltweed forever Cycle 262.sav (1).sav "So, I have three sinks on the same pipeline. For some reason no matter what I do, 2 sinks will try to drain in the opposite direction. Connecting or removing a pipe attached to these 2 sinks will freeze the game. " I don't think It has to do with the sinks Kerov it's the pipes and the code they use to calculator path maybe? Once the final pipe is connected the whole game freezes Further testing causes a crash if I destroy pipes that have weird flow as well
  7. Omfg, I thought I was going insane I'm so glad everyone bathrooms are broken... I seriously thought I was doing something wrong
  8. Man saltwater irrigation and bleach stone for water weeds just wrecked my game. time to start over