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  1. [Poll] On Caveless Worlds

    My internet can't really handle the caves without lagging everyone else, so I typically play caveless unless solo. I hate Verzion so much you will never understand.
  2. I am absolutely sure making fun of him for it will encourage and produce a positive reaction after many others have done the same! Pile it on, come on!
  3. Okay this is actually kinda cool. I have to try this the next time I can.
  4. Lots of problems with Wurt

    The forum doesn't even represent half the playerbase. If a 100 or so posts in a single topic, which may seem like a lot, were posted in response to an update being late or delayed it wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket. Content producers have to expect their fans to be ansty or over eager in regards to content. That is apart of the job. That is why managing time or providing proper notice of delays are important. If those 100 posts cause them to push out updates that are rushed, then... Well, I shouldn't even have to explain how that's either embarrassing or a result of mismanagement. Or even just unforeseen issues! That's fine. That's where communication is important. Klei has a lot of good faith towards them, an update being a few hours or even a few days late so they can ensure most things work isn't too much to ask for. A late, but functional product is always much more worth it than a buggy, early one. The preface to all of this being I don't want the devs to be overworking in the first place. This is assuming ideal work environments. Which they should be getting, as the work they do should be compensated.
  5. Lots of problems with Wurt

    To be fair, this is their job. They are payed to, and we give them money, to do this. I am absolutely 100% about letting the devs take their time so they can push out products they are happy with, but saying "I am worried they are crunching due to mismanagement up top or unhealthy work ethics." shouldn't exactly be seen as harsh. This isn't an indie dev team, this is a studio and company. They should both have the resources and leeway to allow their teams to work at a healthy, steady pace to avoid botched releases or overworking their devs to meet deadlines or the like.
  6. Lots of problems with Wurt

    Yeah this sort of behavior is worrying. Big things such as Wurt's voice being outright missing is a massive red flag for me. It's not game breaking or even that upsetting but it's something so... Benign? Easily noticed? That I can only imagine was either due to strict deadlines or crunch. Which would be incredibly disappointing to see from Klei, as they seem at a glance to be a rather respectable company. ...Which is easy to say when I'm not working there, which makes it worse. Ignorance is bliss but it's also bitter.
  7. I'm so hoping its got a cute lure on the head for the Abyssal skin too. Since tentacle face or Angler maw would make me buy the skin instantly.
  8. I always headcanoned that a spider sneaked its way out of Wagstaff's portal before it burned down in X month. Before chomping down on poor Webber by either following his dad home or hiding in something that could be brought home.
  9. Most clothing is in itself general neutral. Girls can wear suits as well as guys and look just fantastic in them. Which, if you ask me, most girls look better in suits anyways. Moving back to the actual topic of Wurt as a character, the addition of her being able to build Merm houses is immensely gratifying. I look forward to finally being able to wall off the swamp with my girthy defense of fish guys that'll ruin pubs for days until people get use to it and burn them down.
  10. No thank you. Sometimes I rather just mindlessly destroy these HP sponge bosses at my own, lazy leisure. Not everyone plays in 6 player, voicechat planned out raids.
  11. Exactly. it feels so utterly bizarre to be so worked up about the fact a fish monster girl has a rightfully gross monster name. Even if it was 'masculine' inclined, who gives a flying merm? It's a non issue. Completely non, actual issue. Very normal people problems to froth at the mouth over little fish girl with a """""""""""""BOY""""""""""""" name.
  12. I assume she may be a Gorge goat that came over, or is one of the more lucid merms that remember their prior goat life? Since Wortox's lines imply the goat part pretty hard. Or maybe he can just sense it due to soul stuff.
  14. I don't believe that perhaps either allowing progressive growth in enemy attack patterns or some new attacks being added would be too large of a shake up. After all, the idea I was largely referring to (in the case of the Treeguard solely) is just taking the basic attacks from the palm Treeguard and using it wholesale. If for nothing else, so I can use them to better effectively murder day 100 hounds.
  15. I always felt as though most mobs should maintain two sets of aggro. One for the original target of their ire, then a secondary one for whatever new target they're after. So, for example: Player cuts down trees. Tree turns into treeguard. Tree would pursue player until either they or the player dies. However, if the player were to lead them to any mob that would naturally aggro treeguards, then the treeguard would prioritize them until they're dead. Before returning to pursuing player. Perhaps it being proximity (i.e. if the player enters attack range to help the pigs, the tree would return to automatically targeting them and focus the autos on them.) Not flawless, but the only alternative I can think of is giving treeguards a ranged attack for when their original target gets too far or there's too many enemies. Pinecones? Needles? Iunno.