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  1. After the recent update, I found that my lavatory and shower plumbing output wasn't working -- polluted water would clump up at the end of the pipe instead of flowing towards my fluid holding structure. In fact, I could see small amounts of polluted water flowing backwards from the sinks towards the backed-up end where the showers were. Overnight I designated to disconnect the pump on the same circuit (also intended to flow towards the fluid holder) and reroute the polluted water to the vessel on a dedicated pipe, and also for good measure to deconstruct all of the pipes leading out of my lavatory/shower area so I could rebuild them. However, in the morning the client crashed during that deconstruction. The crash reporter process hung in a busy loop, so I'm reporting manually. Also, this bug reporter has inaccurate information on where output.log is but I eventually found it in AppData. The Frigid Tomb Cycle 85.sav