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  1. id be curious to see new dont starve dlc, ive had my fun with hamlet, ROG, and shipwrecked, but id be curious to see what the devs do for a new dlc
  2. well thats very concerning, more or less on the Chinese developers. they are essentially carrying that games fate in a way
  3. game development, especially during the current pandemic, is pretty difficult, they are probably really sanding down the bugs and design stuff, and it may be taking a while so klei can avoid "Crunch" (crunch is essentially when you overwork yourself). or the devs are probably stuck and are crying in their office cubicles praying to whatever god they belive in hoping things go okay
  4. these forums are one of the reasons i am going bonkers
  5. please someone put a ban on morbius memes
  6. pov you are pre-constant wolfgang clown.mp4
  7. winownas lore in a nutshell tooth.mp4
  8. playing dst the new update w/ the inventory is really good actually i can see everything

  9. i know no one ever reads my posts on here but just incase you do my grandparents cat peepeed on my hand

  10. fixed it (this was made in ms paint i am not going onto procreate for a stupid meme)
  11. please, no one make a character mod for a minion.
  12. most build-a-bear workshops let you put a little speaker inside of the toy you're making. i can only imagine the amount of insults that would be hurled from a small little robot, filled with stuffing and anger.
  13. his teeth are probably made out of wood, either pointy and sharp or similar to human teeth (molars, etc), or he might even wear dentures that he found in the constant!