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  1. i wonder if these walls can be restored with a dst mod. I kinda want to try it with the first person dst mod
  2. I had only seen the lunar island connected once in a public server :O
  3. Does this mean u can shoot the camp fire or just put it in?
  4. idk much about dst lore but more gameplay and my mobile only friends can play. =D
  5. I think i feel the same. I don't like playing with superstar speed runner pro dst players that much since i get to do nothing. Sometimes i paddle my way to the island and find nothing. Sometimes i find the ruins and realized i waste time. Maybe i'm just too slow to deserve either of them though lol
  6. Yep, it's like 8 to 10 units. I think that is half a tile of range.
  7. exciting since some of my friends only play games on mobile =D
  8. I never actually tried to kill a beefalo since i found that monster meat seems easier to get. Maybe i could try these poop pellets
  9. I spam gold vs everything since walter makes more gold than he uses
  10. I tried changing the range with a mod. With a few extra tiles of range It seems to miss a lot more if the target isn't standing still. Maybe having the range at 2 tiles or 8 units (default) is the most reliable for hitting them?
  11. Sounds like a good idea for a quick tweak mod to see how much it would change gameplay.
  12. isn't this skeleton already there to help us by placing extra loot?