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  1. Hi, I am new to the community. Pardon me, but what are these times in parentheses?
  2. Wine for DST please

    It would be cool to finish fighting the Deerclops and then drunk yourself to restore the lost sanity. The not so cool part would be if your character could not fight while drunk or died to Cirrhosis after drinking too much
  3. Before starting, I need to specify that I am not a native english speaker, so sorry for any gramatical erros . Since 2012, I´ve been a great fan of the Don´t Starve series, but didn´t play much because, at the time, I thought that the game was too hard for me and decided to limite my experience to YouTube gameplays. After some years, when Don´t Starve Together offcially released, I remembered about how much I liked the game and conviced some friends to buy the game with me. Since then, we´ve been playing together and problaby survived in 20-30 worlds. Considering I was a "noob" to the Together version, I didn´t exactly know that not all the features which were in the original game were in the new version. My biggest mistake was thinking that the famous Maxwell Door and the adventure mode were already added (Hope that they put something in the same style in the future, perharps, encountering Charlie?). Basically, me and my friends spent a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time searching for it, we basically cleared the map and could not understand why it wasn´t there. So, I tried to be logical and thought: Well, if it isn´t here...then it can only be in the ruins! Long story, short story: we cleared the whole ruins. At this point we were in day 400~450 and our base was amazing, our Wickerbottom tried to make a zoo, but sadly at the time I was concerned at the Door and couldn´t help her (he actually, our playing group didn´t have females yet). After all this, I thought tha the world was bugged or something and we decided to delete it and start another...then, after another world without the door, one of the group finally discovered that the Together version didn´t had the Maxwell´s Door after a quick reserach. TL;DR: Me and my friends deleted 2 fully worlds with wonderful bases because we thought that the worlds were bugged for not having Maxwell's Door. Not really the best story, but the best I can share with you!