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  1. I'd definitely be able to choose; and separately for your starting asteroid and for others. Personally, I'd normally prefer to play on a big asteroid as my starting one, but with little asteroids I can travel to. I'm really not a fan of the smaller starting asteroid, and find the limitations to be really kind of annoying. Building a big mega-colony is really my jam. But I do enjoy the idea of making small purpose built bases on other asteroids to harvest materials and ship back to my starting asteroid.
  2. TBH, I'll likely like Cyberpunk more, but the reality is I'll play though Cyberpunk once and be done. I'm well over a thousand hours into Oni, and am eagerly awaiting the DLC to play some more.
  3. Don't know about phosphorite gas, but it'll mean ethanol and hydrogen are equivalent. Ethanol has slightly lower specific heat capacity, though; not sure if that's really an issue or not.
  4. Gotta say, I'm happy about this. I had no problem really with the WS deleting heat, but it definitely did become a cornerstone of heat management in a fairly silly way. But really, I'm happy with this because learning to deal with heat as a new player was very counter-intuitive in a lot of ways. Early bathroom setups generating a substantial amount of heat caused a lot of problems for new players - particularly ones suffering from the WS adding heat but not savvy enough to use it to delete heat. Good to see.
  5. I've got this too; crash on load, or within a minute or two after unpausing. If it helps: The Lamentable Settlement.sav No mods of course, just plain test branch. Was fine before today's update.
  6. I feel if it's going to have these requirements (particularly the largely non-renewable bleachstone), needing to be submerged in some (but not too much) water, etc... It should be better food than meal lice. Even if just by a little.
  7. Not all materials have to be discovered to be printed. Copper ore is one that can just be printed from the very start.