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  1. Having a lot of fun already, thanks for all the new shiny stuff <3
  2. Do you have a link for one of the builds that are affected? I'm curious
  3. Come on, it takes 10 more seconds to actually add a valve set to 20g and replicate the functionality we had before. "a disaster" is pushing it
  4. I feel like it makes the system more intuitive. I had quite a few times starting ONI and not understanding why the content of some pipes wouldn't move when i had the pipe connected to a vent, not knowing that you could just put a bridge or valve hanging there to get the pipe to empty. Not saying the previous version didn't have advantages when it comes to precise building but it was confusing as hell as a new player.
  5. Thank you for both. Input temp = output temp + a bit of heat is a great solution as it doesn't make Rime trivial.
  6. I think I didnt get the joke because I thought exactly that when i saw the screenshot (omg all that free power) and then realized that's probably going to murder me dead
  7. If you survive the early-mid game and half your asteroid cooking from uninsulated magma, yep. Also a big advantage in renewable mass.
  8. I mean, we just have different food options. For maps with slime, that's mushrooms and their variants, for tide pool maps that's waterweed. Not all maps need to be able to sustain all food production.
  9. This update looks amazing, I had just one question if a dev swings by: are fixed temperature outputs intended to be in the final release, eg. can we expect at release to be able to sieve extremely hot/cold pH2O into 40C H2O still? (and other converters) Since the wheezeworts got updated, I'm expecting more nerfs to the "cheating" heat deletion mechanisms.