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  1. I love you all
  2. None of the players can affect the speed, the world runs by itself and duplicants are auto generated, the only thing players can do is give dupes orders. Orders can be overridden by any player. The world is in ironman mode and only stops when all players log out. Not going to lie, it would be a terrible but hilarious experience. Especially if players disagree on orders.
  3. Amazing job, and congratulations I'm looking forward to follow you through the future content as well!
  4. Right now in the beta branch, and will be live when ready.
  5. Do you have a link for one of the builds that are affected? I'm curious
  6. Come on, it takes 10 more seconds to actually add a valve set to 20g and replicate the functionality we had before. "a disaster" is pushing it
  7. I feel like it makes the system more intuitive. I had quite a few times starting ONI and not understanding why the content of some pipes wouldn't move when i had the pipe connected to a vent, not knowing that you could just put a bridge or valve hanging there to get the pipe to empty. Not saying the previous version didn't have advantages when it comes to precise building but it was confusing as hell as a new player.
  8. I have to concur!
  9. https://www.wikihow.com/Enable-Steam-Beta
  10. Agreed. I believe the change was made for balancing reasons, which is a reasonable thing to tackle close to the release, and it seems that they expect us to labor a bit to get the base working, which can deserve some rant if you disagree with that decision.
  11. I don't disagree about variety, however i have to disagree about the timing. I believe I am also fully entitled to ask the devs to focus on issues which are more important to us less than a month away from release, such as fixing the late game lag and making sure the new maps and tweaks are fully playable for new players - completing the tutorials, tweaking recipes and maps so you're not locked out of oxylite for instance. Yes, they removed part of the heat solutions, but right now is not the appropriate time to add more features to replace the old. We need stability and performance. More cooling can come with the uranium reactors!
  12. You need to hit enable betas in steam, then restart your client, and you will then be able to switch to the launch branch. Those performance optimizations yes - they are specifically targeting the liquid/gas pipes flow algorithms and they had to revert them temporarily as they were causing crashes. The launch upgrade in general, who knows... they are still trying to optimize the game further (and it definitely needs a boost to avoid the lategame crawl), and features are still being tweaked.
  13. [Game Update] - 349444

    Thank you for both. Input temp = output temp + a bit of heat is a great solution as it doesn't make Rime trivial.
  14. Those are awesome
  15. I think I didnt get the joke because I thought exactly that when i saw the screenshot (omg all that free power) and then realized that's probably going to murder me dead