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  1. A more reasonable space ahh yes. Didn't look carefully enough
  2. Are you trying too hard? Making machines that are way bigger than anybody would realisticaly need? You only need one miniSPOM per 5 dupes (more if they have breathing buffs). CO2 is a non-issue since you can always just have a sieve-skimmer on an isolated pipe loop and spend a tiny bit of power on the system. Then again. It's not a crime since it is just a game. It seems more trouble than it's worth since you have to build a pipe all the way up which you later have to build bridges over and complicate things unnecessarily. There is a way to deal with almost any gase onsite though. Sour gas is my personal bugbear since you have to cool it so much for it to be useful too, but then again if you have sour gas then something already went very wrong somewhere.
  3. Transit Tubes

    I think they were trying to go for realism (considering a single plane through which dupes can more), but I suppose if you can walk in front of it then it means a ladder could go there as well. Dupes pass each other all the time.
  4. I see absolutely no reason to put oil wells in such a closed off space to start with. I always just leave mine in a big pit to fill up with oil and automate to make sure it stops at a certain level. There is no reason to try and tame an oil well in a small space. It works easy and best to let the oil flow and gases gradually flow up into a refining chamber in another biome. All I build in the hot oil biome is wells and pumps and a teensy bit of automation. What are you going to use the rest of the oil biome anyway? Single point in and out of it is perfect. I also started with trying something fancier, but it's just pointless.