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  1. Hi all, Haven't played since the game launched. Figured with the imminent update it's time to start. What carries over between runs that makes you stronger? Do you keep cards/upgrades between runs? Armor items?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and details. I linked my Steam account but don't see an option to link Epic, Epic link coming later? Looking forward to Griftlands! Seems it's coming out soon as ONI get's out of EA Is there a Discord server for Griftlands yet?
  3. This article says launch is July 11. https://kotaku.com/klei-s-next-game-griftlands-is-coming-to-early-access-1835379525 Unfortunate we have to give Epic business to get the alpha but it looks too good to wait a year. Trying to find details on how Klei will know to email us Steam keys if we do not select "share email with developer" when purchasing on Epic.