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  1. So I somehow managed to get winter to start on day 15, and stuff like birchnuts are keeping their leaves and stuff like that, I'm not sure if it's supposed to start this early as I haven't had it happen before. It started right after I went into the caves, the day counter jumped to 30 which got me worried so I left and the day counter was back to 15 but winter decided to start
  2. Thank you for helping with that
  3. Sorry my art is awful but I wanted to scribble down an example is thing Anyways I figured wormwood current skin selection isn't that big so why not toss some ideas into the pile. I though that wormwood could really do with a forge skin where he is all charcoal like and burn't because of the constant fire and lava around the arena and such. It could be like a type of hardened by fire thing. I can't write posts and I can almost guarantee that someone already had this idea and I didn't notice their post
  4. Personally I like furniture mods and stuff that involves bases and such
  5. Is there more than one wormwood?

    Dude you know how cute it'd be if there are other wormwood variants and we get to see them meet up and not be lonely That actually explains a lot I completely forgot about them, it's super interesting how the moon specifically has a thing for plants like vines Rose's cacti carrots etc.
  6. So in the trailer showing off wormwood we see how the moon gem falls into hamlet's dense jungle only to have some vines grow around it (over several days presumably) and leading to wormwood showing up. Now my main question is could multiple gems have fallen in different areas leading to the other skins of wormwood (cactus, rose, and hollow) being completely different characters altogether rather than a simple change in cosmetics. Also on a side note wormwood is my favorite character and I just love how they Carol