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  1. Its a loading problem, structures and "creature type" entities that can move around in the world are treated differently from each other (this is why beeboxes produce honey as a set rate if your too far from them, they still "exist" but the bees that live in them "don't"). The statues are treated more like creatures than like structures. I don't know all the details of how its works code side but the problem your experiencing is not a bug the way a glitch is a bug, its a consequence of how Klei has decided to handle loading and unloading certain types of things in the game. Ditto on lureplants, Being treated as a "creature" is actually what makes lure-plants so OVERPOWERED in certain bossfights. I'm not 100 percent sure a bout the marble trees signs or end tables but end tables and marble trees will change state over time without external input (trees just moving thorough growth cycles, and end tables if they have something in them) Also most structures that are not walls (as well as creatures) have collision zones that don't mesh as nicely as walls do the problem with any actual structures might have to do with the doubly messy collision boxes of the creatures your trying to contain and the things your containing them with loading in and out and perhaps clipping into one another in the process.
  2. When attempting to add items to an "open" crockpot as Walry they are rejected and returned to my inventory. However If I move away from the crockpot until its inventory closes and then hold a food item in my cursor and click on the portable crockpot while the "cook" prompt appears Walry will walk to the crockpot and add the item as normal. I have attempted disabling all mods and I have also successfully used ordinary crockpots on another world where I already have a base setup without issue. Edit: After crafting a chefs pouch I figured out that Walry is always quickstacking everything, again no mods, and went to another world (with Wes) to check if It was my controls but Wes can handle inventory normally, including quickstacking when I want and not quickstacking when I want.
  3. Quality>Speed Take a year (or more) if that's what it takes to do it right. It can't possibly be easy to improve a game that's already as good as this one.