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  1. u have to cast with the clean sweeper to change skins https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Clean_Sweeper
  2. Im facing this erro msg on every single world i try to join or host. iv already tried to update my steam and run it with or without any MODS on. but it keeps disconecting me. Does anybody else facing this? it only started after the new update, everything was fine before it :<
  3. i'm trying to do the puzzles, cyclum and metheus. but i cant make it work, after i log in my steam account the cyclum one stays like a static picture, that i cant interact with, it doesnt show the option to insert the text, or click on the flowers. i tried ond Int. explorer, Mozzila Firefox and Chrome, none seems to work! all of them be like the picture bellow and i cant make the metheu puzzle without it, right?
  4. im facing the same problem, how do i send this file to u?
  5. this erro keeps poping up on whatever map i try to host. with or without mods on.
  6. it says i have managed to claim the 450 points, but it didnt add it up!!!!
  7. on my reward page, says i am already subbed on all plataforms. BUT its missing 850 points, that werent counted on total!! (yes i have subbed on wechat, but it isnt adding the points to the reward system). How do i get them?