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  1. Downloaded this game on Steam an hour ago. Started it up and was genuinely impressed at the fluid animations. I went to settings and adjusted the audio. I went to click 'new game' and... game crashed. Rebooted it, and now the frame rate is god-awful; about 10-15 FPS. I hadn't even created a world yet (i have one now but the frames get worse, around 5 FPS, and is unplayable). Any ideas on why this happened, and how to fix it? I KNOW my laptop should be able to handle this; I play games like Subnautica and Fallout 4 often and they run great. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game (didnt help), change affinity in task manager to CPU 1 (didnt help), and tried prioritizing it in task manager (didnt help). All my graphics drivers are up to date as well, this problem really has me stumped. The Steam discussion board sent me here to ask for help. I cannot stress this enough-- I have ~20 logged minutes in the game and have done NOTHING but start a new world, and the lag began before then.