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  1. I actually usually burn the fruits I don’t eat and make a bunch of healing salves this thread has just become a chat hahaha
  2. Actually some stone fruit and a weather pain can harvest a lot of rocks like a loooot of rocks
  3. I feel this I have a day 500+ server but idk maybe I don’t want to eat or have to worry about health lol
  4. I would love a creative mode or like a god mode to mess around with in don’t starve together me and my friends always start playing and just get so bored like we would love to see some bosses just fight other bosses or maybe test some things out in creative mode we could use in regular survival But yea I’m kinda just curious as to why they haven’t added a creative mode to the game I know the game is uncompromising but come on I’m just trying to make a cool base (also yes I could have all morning and have no mobs and giants but that’s not creative mode) just a thought
  5. That do indeed smolder very dangerous when you have bull kelp right next to your base
  6. ohhh okay got it makes more sense okay my character mod is a robot i want him to behave like wx-78 in where he can upgrade with gears and be able to overcharge with lightning i figured out the eating gears and upgrading part i just need to know how i can allow my character to be hit by lightning and overcharge im not sure what i have to add to my .lua file and i have searched the forum for related questions but cant seem to find one
  7. just like wx-87 in the way where he overcharges and then can glow and run faster in a way like wx where he gets shocked by lightning and then goes faster and has a glow sorry im like super inexperienced with how forums work
  8. so I've been making a character in DST if anyone wants to help me make my character able to get overcharged? im not sure how easy or hard this would be