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  1. This Nisbet would rather die of starvation than stop trying to pee! For all I know, the poor girl has been trying for days. Struggling with increased time to complete using the bathroom, Slimelung, and poor oxygen conditions, she runs out of breath before finishing using the toilet. This causes her to still be at 100% Bladder, gasp for air, and then to go back and try again with the same result, despite being on the verge of Starvation. I had to use the doors to lock her out of the bathroom so that she would pee herself and finally eat something. This kept happening, so while I was trying to resolve the oxygen issue with my base and bathroom, I just left her locked out and peeing herself for several days. I want to say: thank you for having enough in-game mechanisms in place that I was able to get around this unwanted behavioral issue without having to resort to cheating. Note: She makes a satisfied face every time she leaves the bathroom, even if it's to leave abruptly for breath without completion. Suggestions: Make using the bathroom decrease their Bladder over time, adding to the internal resource pool of the Lavatory if they don't finish (keep track of partial uses in the case of the Outhouse)? Alternatively, there seems to be a grace period built in -- let the counter continue, make it so if they hit 110% bladder or something that you feel is appropriate, they wet themselves no matter what? (ie a soft limit for behavioral override urgency and a hard limit to prevent infinite behavioral loops like this). Possibly the same thing fire Tired, as this has prevented her from sleeping for more than a day. Should this have been more than 30% stressful? full bladder nisbet.sav