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  1. On further investigation, this bug does not occur in RoG without Hamlet compatibility. When exiting the sinkhole the RoG non Hamlet world (that doesn't have this bug) log says something about "catching up world" that I didn't see in the log when exiting the sinkhole in the RoG Hamlet world. I hope this can be fixed.
  2. Unmodded latest steam version of Don't Starve RoG/SW/Hamlet. RoG world with Hamlet compatibility, no mods. Reproducible.Start a game, find a sinkhole, go down, then back up. In around 180 seconds, you will be attacked by a single hound.If you use this command print( GetWorld().components.hounded:GetDebugString() )to check hound waves, you will see that it displays "correct" values for hound attacks as long as you don't enter the sinkhole. After exiting the sinkhole it will display an attack with 0 hounds in around 180 seconds. After the single hound attack, the command will display a normal hound attack with 2+hounds in thousands of seconds, as it is supposed to. Unless of course you enter and exit a sinkhole again.