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  1. Damn the game just suddenly out of nowhere and after hours without trying to boot it up just suddenly works...like no more crashing even with afterburner working and all. This is super odd cuz I didn't restart my PC or even closed Steam. The output_lox.txt must be have updated to the working version so I can't prove this weird thing that happened but anyway I'm just uploading it. There was another user with the same problem as well: https://steamcommunity.com/app/457140/discussions/3/1638661595057191002/ output_log.txt
  2. Bought the game, fresh install with no mods but the game just crashes at the Klei logo. Already tried all the solutions in the "Troubleshooting Guide" with no avail. Also, no "output_log.txt" to be found on the game's directory. I'm uploading the the post instructions asked me. I'm sorry but if in 2 weeks there's no solution I will have to refund. Thanks for the support. DxDiag.txt Edit: working now, see post below