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  1. I would really like an option when creating a world you can make it purely solo.. Not even local play. I don’t have the original Don’t Starve game so I can only play DST, but since I cant play online I find it really hard to do fights when the health is adjusted to have multiple people fighting
  2. Nice, I really like the idea of the Crow Crones and the Mad Caps!
  3. So I have a solo world, only about day 100 so far, but I haven’t been able to easily kill any bosses so far (or kill any period). I’ve tried fighting Deerclops (I’m playing on winters feast so deerclops is a little bit more difficult), Bearger, and Moose Goose so far, but even as I plan ahead to what I want to fight next I notice it’s going to be really difficult. Most tips say get some friends, but I don’t have PS+ so this is not an option for me. I’m fine at just plain kiting most of the time, but looking on the wikis most giants would take very large amounts of time to kill just using a spear, or even a ham bat or bat bat. I see a lot that an easy way to kill giants is putting them to sleep/freezing them and then using just enough gunpowder to almost kill them, but I honestly don’t want to have to make hundreds of gunpowder (if that’s even possible) just to get the drops. If the only way is gunpowder, sure, I’ll bust out the monster jerky and torches, but I’d like to know if anyone has some good tactics, traps, ect. For killing the bosses before I go ahead and spend countless hours burning my world to a crisp. Thanks for reading! Toodles Doodles