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  1. Now I can not start the game. I see the studio logo on a black background and after everything closes. Complete removal of the game and a new launch did not solve the problem
  2. Can't wait DLC ) Hey, Klei, give us a bit teaser ) In this world of isolation, we want a little inspiration
  3. Has the studio started optimizing the game? Great support from me for this!
  4. Thank you all for your answers. I even found the game from the old patches and checked that everything works as you all say. Apparently, this was my computer that gave out tricks, because I used this scheme of oxygen generation many times and it did not pass oxygen into the hydrogen generator. Now, this leads to permanent breakdowns. I thought that after a long break, I did not notice any strong changes. But now I see that I just have hands out of my ass. Took the advice of @Yoma_Nosme and used the tank as a buffer. That even greatly facilitated the construction of an oxygen generation station, there was no need to control overfilling of the system, the automation of the tank does everything.
  5. One pump - one pipe to ensure that the queue is excluded. However, when adding three times the gas, the pump starts pumping from 500 to 1000 grams of gas instead of the maximum 500 grams. In total, I play about 2 thousand hours and the first time I see such a model of pump behavior. So the pump is now not working accurately enough? If before the limit was 500 grams, now this limit can vary? Increased pump buffer? I do not exclude that all this time I used some kind of bug and now this bug has been fixed. I have already met more than once with the fact that it works for me, that for others it works in a different way or breaks
  6. Only one pump works in the screenshot. I specifically turned off all unnecessary for the test. I just checked in the sandbox. While the pump pumps only one type of gas, it works normally and steadily pumps, not exceeding the limit of 500 grams. If you add a second gas, the pump starts to work according to another mechanism - it gives from 500 to 1000 grams to the pipe. What's happening?
  7. This is the first time I see a pump accumulating gas. I always built the oxygen generator in this way and there were no problems. And now I go back into the game and the old circuit already crashes, because instead of 500 grams of gas, the pump delivers a whole kilogram into the pipe
  8. Why is the pump now pumping 700-900 grams of gas? has the mechanics changed somehow? Why can the pump now accumulate up to 1000 grams before it sends gas to the pipe?
  9. I'm not wrong. My rocket with an accelerator flying over the wires of logic melts them. I even tested it in slow motion. Also now in the game, when duplicates build tiles with replacement, some resources are destroyed. For example, if you build tile from a carpet using sandstone, and then replace the tile with carpet tile from granite, then the reed used in the construction of tile from sandstone disappears without a trace. Also If the bunker door is closed and the rocket returns, the bunker door collapses. It is necessary to build a new one. Bug?
  10. Now the wires of logic are destroyed by a rocket?
  11. Yes =( Everything that worked perfectly 600 cycles with the patch turned into complete chaos and hell.
  12. The gas sensors stopped working correctly. Immediately after the update, my base broke down.