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  1. Is it possible to build buildings? It is necessary to proceed in circumstances. At least I need one mod, this is the Russian language mod, because the official in some places even gives conflicting information. For example, a timer. In the timer description in the constructions menu and in the timer description, when you aim at its automation port, directly opposite information is written. And there are a million such annoying things, not to mention the fact that much continues to be in English. Even my apologies to the signature have no effect. Google translator very often translates some words very rudely. But I can’t look at the translation options for each word to fix it on a softer one. I got a lot of misunderstandings on this forum simply because of the translator. That is why I try to come here as rarely as possible and when I have exhausted all the resources to find a solution to the problem except this place.
  2. Exactly. These mods are crutches for a game that developers have not taken care of. For example, cameras that increase zoom, in order to evaluate the construction of the base more accurately or to allow it to go beyond the borders, so that you can easily build on the borders mutual exchange. I would love to delete my account here in principle, if it were possible. I get a lot of displeasure to participate in the English-speaking community, because I don’t know English and every time they perceive me wrongly and aggressively or do not understand my idea due to the fact that I use Google translator.
  3. No, I just look at the popularity on twitch as well as the difference in activity on the forum then and now. Don't starve was a short time very popular with many of my friends in Steam. Then, according to their own words, they abandoned it, because the game became unplayable, if you did not install a billion mods. As I understand it, the fate of this game will be the same I use Russian in the game. Judging by your perplexity, I am already beginning to suspect that the Russian version is somehow circumcised. To facilitate translation or lack of knowledge of the language, many things were removed from the game
  4. that the authors smoke, that in my memory they are already turning the second game into garbage due to the fact that most of the time the game needs to be spent outside the game in search of information about a game mechanic. It seems to me that they lost a very large audience of players simply because of this.
  5. I am not good at English. And the Russian version of such a guide is poor. There is not much there, but much has outdated information. Still, it is not without reason that the main reason I bought the game is the fact that it supports the Russian language. A translation through Google turns any article into crazy nonsense) I seem to understand Klei’s business model. Create a game in which all game mechanics are published on a special forum / wikipedia. Double profit. Purchased game and high traffic to search for answers.
  6. There is not much information, for example, if you recall the latter, about the amount of food consumed and the amount of resources allocated to animals. This documentation is useless. For the most part, it looks like the lore, but not the documentation for the game. but there is no information in the description of the building. There is only the 16 kdte/s and the fact that most of the energy goes into the water ... Oh! I think I figured out why a different temperature is obtained when the same material is smelted. It all depends on the speed of smelting. And the speed of smelting depends on the level of mechanics of the duplicate. Therefore, depending on who took on this task, we get different temperatures of the output liquid
  7. I heard (on the forums) that the manufacture of a different metal leads to lower / higher heating of the coolant. But there is no information about this in the documentation of the game , but I only smelted iron. Why such incredible jumps in temperature under equal conditions? The heat capacity of water is huge. Where did you get the sand -12 degrees? This was not on my map P.S Many thanks to the developers of this game, who can not even issue basic documentation about their game. I hate you all. Because of your mistakes and inaccuracies, your game causes more hatred than pleasure.
  8. You probably do not understand the Russian language. In the last screenshot, we see the following: Sand 24.4 degrees Dirty water 22.1 degrees Pure water 38.4 degrees at the exit. This is treated only by restarting the game. P.S Yes, of course, but in this case, why, after a restart, does the water temperature return to normal? All these screenshots were taken almost at the same time. The temperature of the building remained the same. how does this work at all? I do not understand. At some point, I see the average temperature, but at some point it stops working
  9. I showed you a screenshot. The sand is cold, dirty water is cold, and hot water comes out of the purifier. I perfectly understand how the mechanics of temperature changes work and how it depends on the filter material. I read the patch. Look here.
  10. The same problem with a water purifier. I start the game, in a water purifier, sand is 22 degrees, water is 22 degrees, at the outlet 22 degrees of pure water. You start doing your own business, some other tasks, at some point I pay attention to the water purifier and the water comes out of it is already excessively hot. At this moment I save the game, go to the main menu and go back in and clear water of normal temperature comes out again. I thought it was just a rare bug, but it began to manifest itself too often. I have not even come to the surface, I'm in the next biomes. I just don’t have such temperatures after reboot after iron smelting It is heppen AGAIN. OMG. I just do not want play more....Every time I return to this game, I am met by a billion new bugs. Juat after reboot game. Nothing change Klei, just do something with this ****. Unable to play Космическая Тюрьма.sav
  11. after restart everything becomes normal. This does not help, unfortunately. This problem occurs right during the game. the Metal Refinery each time gives out water with a radically changed temperature during the smelting of the same ore. Contaminated water of -10 degrees is fed to the entrance. At the outlet, the water can be 20 degrees, and at some point, the water can become 45 degrees. I noticed this when all my berries stopped growing. All the time the water was +15 and suddenly the water became +45. Iron smelting it's just an incredible change in temperature. This has never happened before.
  12. The Water Sieve SUDDENLY, it is not clear for what reason, it starts to give out water much hotter. For example, incoming dirty water is 22 degrees, sand is 22 degrees, leaving clean water is 45 degrees. What is problem? Bug?
  13. @Ipsquiggle, *wiggled the stick* hey, tell us something
  14. what happened to the site? A huge number of generations of the world is not true. Does anyone know what happened and when will it be fixed? ">>> Due to a soon-to-be-fixed bug in the game that allows contradicting traits to be rolled while generating the map, PLEASE CHECK if a chosen map generates the same traits in the game. Since the bug is expected to be fixed soon, affected maps won't be deleted from TNI. <<<" - it notice i see anready so long time. Still no positive changes have occurred so far.
  15. [Game Update] - 380770

    yahooo. all wrongs fixed in Russian =D I can return to the official translation)) it remains to fix the mess from the letters when choosing a character) I hope this does not take another year Thanks, Klei ))