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  1. If you do not choose the option of printing on a printer, but simply save and exit to the main menu, the printer will offer other options. Thus, you can abuse by reloading into the game so that the printer gives out duplicates with the desired characteristics. Maybe should write this to save files?
  2. One of the developers asked me about this in private messages, and I spent a lot of my time trying to adapt my poor English for understanding what I meaning. As a result, I was not heard.
  3. I went in, found all the same translation errors, switched back to the mod with a normal translation. Good job! )))
  4. Swap your transistor binary modulator to Pentium 3, obviously
  5. because such serious losses in performance at the beginning are probably the cause of problems not only for me, but for everyone who is used to playing at 15 fps, while they could play at 60
  6. Well, I'm based on a huge previous patch. There was much more information about it. what's the point of optimizing things that don’t affect the game because the players cannot come to this because of the incredibly slow game at an earlier stage? I tried my base in 3500+ cycles before the patch and after the patch and did not notice 0 changes in performance. I tried to create a new map and on the 40th cycle, I had 90 frames left from 150 frames, and the studied biome area increased only by 15 percent from the screenshot. That is - 0% performance gain.
  7. 21 cycles. Initial biome, minimum buildings. Out of 150 FPS, at best, 115 remain on average already 100 or less. Your optimization brought exactly 0 results
  8. So much sarcasm you came here in vain with common sense. This is not welcome here. Everything that runs counter to the narrow concept of a majority world is immediately prone to attack and destruction. I tried to explain about the same thing and they immediately attacked me I’m probably not going to come here anymore so as not to disturb anyone here with my presence
  9. Not everyone thinks so, so many games that support modifications partially support copyright the developer of the mod. I do not take this information from the ceiling and do not rely on fabrications. I am based on what really exists.
  10. Can I find out which ones? What is the motivation to do something if your work can be taken away? I'm not talking about those things that just adjust the parameters of any building. For example, changing the power of a high-voltage wire from pure metal from 20 to 50 kilowatts (was this in principle obvious, because initially for the manufacture of such a wire much more resources were required for the manufacture of pure metal, and all this for the difference of +5 decor?). This is not a full-fledged work, it is just a change in the numbers in a text file. What should you do if you created a model of a building, developed a concept, spent many weeks on time, gained great popularity, and the developers, seeing that your idea is popular, put this into the game, redoing it a bit so that there are no claims to copyright. Will you be motivated to do anything further?
  11. Undoubtedly, this is a solution, especially since the moment was introduced the jetpack. but I want to stick to the ideas of the game and some realism)
  12. this is a meme, I just did not post it with the text, because it is not known how the moderators will respond to this =D
  13. I ran into a problem in Space. A space scanner could accidentally lose a rocket when it almost arrived at the base, but suddenly a meteor shower started and the bunker doors closed. Logically, the space scanner must remember the location of the rocket and the time of arrival, as the meteor shower scanners do. But no. when the bunker doors are closed, the scanner momentarily loses the rocket and gives a signal to close the gateway through which the rocket enters. The result is a breakdown.
  14. the problem is that some, maybe many people, do not like to deviate from the idea of developers. Still, this is a customization of the game. I do not think so. This will be theft of other people's ideas and vice versa will push the developers away. No one will develop mods if the developer will theft it. Any mod is almost a guarantee that this thing will not be in the official game