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  1. Not an insult. The reproach is that, due to their absent-mindedness, I lost a lot of time looking for a solution.
  2. The problem has been resolved. The game generates configs with an error by default. Typical Klei. And their typical community.
  3. once they also talked about "Don't starve". No need to speak categorically, everything can change at any time
  4. Okay, maybe you're right. I guess I'm wind up more than I really am, just because I'm upset. I was expecting something epic, because the developers were so stubbornly silent and hid everything. And in the end, all this was done the way it was done. I cannot blame someone if my expectations and point of view do not coincide with others. I'm wrong, sorry.
  5. I'm not dramatizing, I'm just upset that the Klei decided to present their product in this way. As a fan, it upsets me. It was not necessary to do it in such a way as to cover up the failures of their promises. Do not use offensive epithets
  6. Just like others do, of course. Or at least not to do it so openly that even a public public thread, from where screenshots are spread all over the Internet, where information is revealed that does not in any way affect the diagnosis of errors. And after all, no one argues that any product requires testing before release. But Klei decided to do it as differently as everyone else. I already wrote in one post, what is it called - some eat, others watch. ONI were in early access and there was nothing stopping them from selling it even with a billion bugs. What prevents to do this with DLC? But no, it was necessary to pull the intrigue to the end and then completely destroy it, allowing 100 people to squander everything that had been accumulated for over a year this is what others do so as not to spoil the experience for the fans. This is what has worked and will work for years before and after this post At least I wasn't even that upset with the streams on Twitch and YouTube. I just banned the game tag. BUT I go to the forum and here, with the full consent of the developers, all the secrets are squandered left and right.
  7. from here this information is scattered everywhere, already from each smoothing-iron information about a new DLC climbs. I cannot use a computer with my eyes closed. While from here all the information, thanks to you, spreads all over the Internet
  8. Some are eating, others are looking. The best move from Klei to humiliate everyone who was waiting for this DLC.
  9. What is the gist of this thread, other than to spoil the intrigue for others who have not received alpha? Why stream permission? The developers kept intrigue for so long and as a result, access was given to a limited number and tore off all the covers. Hmm. I am disappointed. In such a situation, alpha should be closed for publication to a wide audience, or available to everyone, even if it needs to be bought right away.The developers just spat in the face of everyone who was waiting for this DLC. I wanted to buy and have fun marveling at everything new. And now 100 people have ruined this moment for everyone else. Thanks, Klei!
  10. Someone is already streaming on Twitch. I can't look, I will endure a little more, so as not to spoil the pleasure of learning new things. Dear testers, do your job so that we enjoy the beta as well as the release!
  11. OH MY GOD. Bye my friends, bye my family please, just no spoilers )
  12. I also update the site every 5 minutes. "Don't starve together" - I'm tired of playing too quickly, it's boring to play alone. And it is difficult to find players with whom it is pleasant to play. Plus, the sorting system for dedicated servers is inexplicable, with an excellent connection my server is at the very bottom with a ping "???" - making it even more difficult to find players, my server is simply not found because deep in the list. In general, the full feeling that every function in the game was taken with enthusiasm, but never brought to the end, and in the end it turned out to be absurd. The community is silent, indifferent, just like the developers. They are also offended by translation errors. Interest in the game has disappeared completely.
  13. Wow. First time I see you working on the weekend. Such care about the players Thanks! Problems with mods fixed (Windows 10 2004 x64)