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  1. As far as the recent post-storm about Tencent goes, I personally am on Klei's side. I want to say that Klei has been doing very well lately as far as pleasing the fans goes and I don't think they would let our community down like some think they will. I say we give this a chance, they even specified that their IPs, developers and creative autonomy would all stay the same. I see no problems with this, and neither do the devs.Their progress hasn't been halted or even slowed down, it's still going to be okay. This simply frees them up to focus on creative aspects of the game and not as much with financial, some may see this as an issue, but this may potentially have a huge boost on update frequency, which I think we can agree we all want. We want the company to succeed right? So let's treat the devs with the respect they deserve. We are the ones who end up bringing the games we play to riches or ruin, and I intend on bringing this company closer to the former.