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  1. i just first want to say i LOVE the i think its really fun and interesting and creative, however a lot of the levels right now are sort of jump, stop, jump stop, i would much prefer levels where you have to do a few timed jumps in tandem with each other like 3 surfs then a boosted jump, or like platforms that only exist for a couple seconds and then are disinterested by the lava so you can only jump on them once or for a tiny amout of time so you have to time your jumps and traverse across a level without stopping, i think this would add a nice challenge to some levels and and improve the flow of levels as well, in the trailer there was a scene where someone was surfing across like three platforms in lava world then had to jump over an obstacle, i want to see a lot more of that in the game, because some times the levels become a little repetitive after a while, what does everyone else think?