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  1. Oh, foolish me. Alright. Nothing to see here. Move along Thanks.
  2. Order should give my agents 3 AP, but for some reason I can't KO this guy. Is it a bug or does Order only work with ranged weapons, without stating it clearly?
  3. Playing the test build, I managed to get both Ethanol and Petroleum in a Petroleum Generator. It doesn't run with both types of fuel in the tank, but how do I correct it? Is the only way to deconstruct the generator and build it again?
  4. I double checked this and found out that it wasn't. I hadn't noticed the overlay for the transportation. There was a rail piece missing. I did initially connect it, but had to move the loader one tile to the left, so the sweeper could reach it. Apparently I forgot to extend the rail to the left. After extending it, the chute works fine. Thanks for the help.
  5. Not sure why plumbing is important. But this is how it looks (don't mind the missing power. It's just a temporary crisis. We'll work it out)
  6. I'm trying to learn how this shipping automation works. I've dug out a lot of stuff at the bottom of an oil pool. I want to move that topside without the dupes having to carry it manually. So I built a conveyer belt, put a conveyer loader near the source with an auto-sweeper within range. I set the loader to "all". I have a conveyer chute at the other end, intended to drop whatever is loaded fromon the ground. But the loader (and sweeper) doesn't work. The loader informs me that I need a conveyer receptable. I thought the chute was the receptable. If it's not, then how does a chute work?
  7. What to do next

    What is the benefit of using crude oil as coolant?
  8. I believe you're right. I set it to 80% and that helped. So not a bug. Cheers.
  9. Hm, after having rebuilt it, it might be 50% I usually set them to 20% I'll try messing with the percentages and see if that fixes it. I'm still new to this game.
  10. Anyone know why my dupes are ignoring delivering coal to my generator? I have tons of coal (the bin next to the generator only stores coal). Even with Top Priority, they won't deliver any coal. I've ensure that Supply is a priority for my dupe, but the task isn't even on the list. I've tried destroying it and building a new. Didn't help. The dupes do know of the coals existence because they don't have a problem delivering coal to my kilns. I suspect it might be a bug, but I might just be overlooking something.