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  1. You could have weaved the gorge skins, I think they added it during the first Forge. Weekly drops were increased to 8
  2. how to play webber?

    basically just base near a large amount of spiders, feed one, and then go to hit one and back up right as you do the animation but before it takes damage. This way your followers will still attack the spider but nothing will agro you, and then just enjoy the amount of free monster meat.
  3. Bug with Modded Items

    hornet my legs and eggs
  4. that do be a straight fact, but it do be there
  5. looks like I get to grind my ass off for the new Wormwood skin (and maybe another Webber skin)
  6. this nags every fiber of my being
  7. examines apparently people don't know what the **** examines are
  8. Wurt has gorge lore, Wormwood sorta has moon lore maybe probably
  9. Wendy Rework?

    why the **** did you do white text on black
  10. I still think its gonna be Wagstaff