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  1. I mean, what are you supposed to know about her? Shes a merm just like all the other merms.
  2. Best Webber Skin? [POLL]

    Bro it's not like he said it was the best and not his favorite Snowfallen is obviously the best webber skin. Not because I like it, I don't really like or dislike it but since its by far the most liked skin I can say its the best.
  3. Best Webber Skin? [POLL]

    stop this you criminal (also poll proves that to be false lmao)
  4. Minespatch no you speak in VAIN, WHY GOD WHY sometimes Webber does say "I, me, or he" so it is weird that in this case he is saying us and not me
  5. Missing Items/Skins

    worst case you lose everything and you get the complain and get free items lmao
  6. Missing Items/Skins

    Then I guess its just a matter of time until they fix it, I guess I just got lucky and it just reset anything and didnt hide my items. I dont even know how something like that could happen
  7. A topic about frogs.

    She also is vegetarian
  8. I dont play her, neither do I play Wortox. I have them incase I need them for something specific, want to mod something, and because why would I just chose to not have them
  9. Apon inspecting Maxwell Webber says "That jerk tricked us."
  10. Missing Items/Skins

    Try going back into your wardrobe and adding the clothing items back on them
  11. Best Webber Skin? [POLL]

    I told myself I wasnt gonna trash on other peoples opinion but, bruh
  12. Missing Items/Skins

    You still have them, it just wiped your cache, no clue why it does this it pissed me off
  13. If you pick Default, Webilisk, or Victorian... Why (Rebel lovers you are on thin ice)