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  1. winter's feast and summer solstice chests (i assume) still exist they are just event specific
  2. why would you be like "look i got sinking feelers" if its not elegant it doesnt really matter imo
  3. not really, its not that big of an issue. if he wants to regenerate the world he can play on a different server because im sure there is always atleast one with nobody on it and sometimes the "solution" to an issue would create more issues
  4. that still wouldn't necessarily stop it (I have the klei tab open so i hear when I get a reply)
  5. so that way a dude and his friend cant join and be like "lmao lets ******* reset this guys progress by regenerating the world"
  6. Not really, its because people are trying to get a return on their funkopop by selling the skins at grossly high prices. It somewhat has to do with the price of the Funkpops (since the less people to buy them, the less skins there are, and the higher the skins can be sold for). Also steam takes a portion of the sell price so you only get so much of how much the listing is set to, so if they want equal the amount it costs for the funkpop they have to sell it for higher. This whole thing is really egregious and they should have stayed proof of purchase despite backlash, too late to change it now I think.
  7. ivo but also it wasnt "oops you cant trade proof of purchases" it was "fine here we'll make them elegants so you can trade them and try to exploit the market by selling them for more than the funkopop cost"
  8. my sources tell me its because people complained about it, yes they were proof of purchase and it was intended for them not to be tradeable or given away
  9. this is wrong, i got a webber funkopop soon after they were released and the item was elegant this is wrong apparently, they were proof of purchase for a very short time (and they still should be)
  10. you buy, you get skin you can also sell them or unravel them You also earn skins by playing and daily although not all skins are marketable