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  1. right so they cant make a character with dark skin without it being a statement? lmfao you are pathetic, i dont think they would have added a black kid who basically stole someones dog if they wanted to make a political statement
  2. what the ****? if all you see is him as a "black kid" and not his own character sure
  3. You accidently put tencent made it, it was published by them but they arent the developers "Shengqu Games" is
  4. explain plus what would her being born a merm have to do with literally anything and why does Charlie also attack Wilba and Wilbur
  5. why would you need permission to use a set of skins.... Tree Guardian Wormwood
  6. I almost exclusively play by myself, the only reason I don't play DS is because DST has more content and skins, I love the skins. And the ability to if I want to play with my friends I can flex my 100% Webber
  7. my main goal is to blow up and act like i dont no no body ANG ANG ANG ANG