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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if you were 13 you people are probably the type of people to see a shitty drawing on deviant art and tell the artist that it looks good
  2. he literally said "i just made this for fun" in the original post
  3. I shouldn't have to show you how or why its bad for you to see why its bad, if your opinion is based on a misconception (that it wasn't poorly made and had alot of effort put into it) it is wrong. It wasn't meant to be good, he made it because he was bored and thought it would be fun, that doesnt make it good
  4. No its poorly made, that's the truth. Sorry I'm not the type of person to protect peoples feelings
  5. for them to fixed ignored people so it doesnt show topics made by them or replied made to them or reactions sent by them
  6. First off even items already have icons, we don't need even more rarities to signify different events. Sure the way trash is scattered for hollowed nights is kinda weird but that doesn't mean its horrible, its your fault he passed the walking cane because you told him not to touch anything that looked Halloween rather than letting him experiment with the garbage and letting him know what was useful and what wasn't. A tutorial in this game would be super stupid imo, part of the game experience comes from learning and trial and error and anyone that doesn't want to deal with it can look up a 5 minute tutorial on how to survive better, its literally as simple as that. I know for a fact that Im glad I had the experience of learning how to do everything from scratch like "woah what does this do" rather then having it just straight up told to me
  7. obviously he doesnt play DST anymore and doesnt want to see a useless inventory tab
  8. lmao he was trying to say it to me but tagged me neither time
  9. Loosing sanity from chopping tree's is horrible and new people dont often replant them Plus not healing from food seems like a small deal because you dont often get alot of healing from foods new players usually eat but they also rarely know how to make healing items
  10. i mean have you tried fighting things? usually a good indicator of lag