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  1. Please, pay attention to this problem. Can't play from Xbox controller!
  2. Any news? I have exactly the same problem, described here:
  3. Only two buttons do not work properly: and (Start) All other buttons works correct. xbox controller detects correctly:
  4. The problem is reproduced by both wired and wireless connections.
  5. The "Start" button does not work in the Xbox one x controller, connected to PC. And buttons marked as can't be pressed. (This means that you can't start the game or apply the changed settings) It seems that the mapping of buttons on this version of the controller is different than you expect. Inside the game that controller button responds as an “Up” button instead of "Start". PS. I bought an Xbox two weeks ago, and an additional controller to it too. Both controllers have the same behavior. PPS. I attached an image from https://html5gamepad.com/ to show how the button actually responds to my controller.