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  1. Hi all, I’ve been playing the same save on and off for a long time now - years in fact I’d say. I’m up to about day 550. I thought something was odd with my world at first because I left bosses on the default setting but didn’t come across a single giant for hundreds and hundreds of days - once I started to hear some boss music early in the game as if a giant was going to appear and Wilson declared, “that sounded big...” but nothing ever turned up. Things started to go strange from then on. My character started to say “wilson: unknown_string_damp” (or something like that) when it rained and on inspecting certain items he started saying just “it’s a... thing”. Then, whenever my controller went to sleep I’d get a warning message and a crash (something about a screen not being declared I think?). Anyway - neither of these things stopped me playing so I powered through but now something significant appears to have broken, because every few minutes I get a crash with the following message: ”WARNING! scripts/screens/playerhud.lua274: variable ‘PopupDialogScreen’ is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/strict.lua:23 in (metamethod) __index (Lua) <21-26> scripts/screens/playerhud.lua:274 in (method) OnBackgroundUpdate (Lua) <245-298> scripts/frontend.lua:481 in (method) Update (Lua) <425-577> scripts/update.lua:46 in () ? (Lua) <3-50>” If anyone can help me fix this and get my world back on track I’d be grateful!!