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  1. I also didn't want to turn this into the drama as I didn't know your intentions in the first place. I believe that I didn't say anything bad about you or how "unfriendly" your behaviour was the whole game towards me. I just wanted to point out an alternative perspective with full respect to the story where you were so "aggressively" stated that I didn't have a Lightning Rod. I think we both understand what the words "unfriendly" and "aggressively" mean in the current context. However, as I have already mentioned, I don't have any hard feelings towards you and never will. I do sincerely believe that you are not so bad a person after all and I do apologize if I have brought you some inconvenience. Yes, I fully remember that game and it seems that our opinions differ here. But in the end, does it matter? After all, It's just a game.
  2. I also did like to play with you, @JackJohnsn, a lot and I still want to believe that you are a good person. As I've already mentioned in my previous reply on your topic you are a really good player who has always seemed to be friendly. Maybe you do have some little hang-ups but, after all, who doesn't? For example, I also have a little hang-up: I'm not a very socially active person and prefer to play alone by making own bases no matter with whom do I play with. This is my play pattern which has never changed since the beginning. If people join my base why should I chase them away? I've no clue why do you even have so much hatred towards me or impression that I've somehow changed. I've never even done something bad to anyone and the worst thing you can tell about me is that I don't disclose the main base location to the newcomer when he/she asks. I even try my best to be as respectful as possible to avoid any potential flame at any cost. But judging a person not by his actions but by people whom he plays with from time to time is not a mature way of thinking and is simply wrong. Many of those people will confirm that I'm always a loner with a quirk of making his small bases. Yes, @Canis, I fully agree! This is the main reason why I didn't mention that part in the first post (except mentioning it once in the chat log). I completely understand that I don't have any evidence to prove my point. Moreover, I've intentionally avoided the word "evidence" at any cost in the first place (the only exception is the "Not My First Rodeo" part). The reason behind I did mention the "hacks" part was because when the so-called "lightning" hit the boat, I wasn't standing near the boat, as @JackJohnsn has mentioned in his post, but on the boat. I believe this is an important detail that should be taken into consideration as the first "lightning" struck the chest on the boat exactly where I was standing. The second "lightning" struck the Sapling under my feet while I was asking for the rollback and later the third one right before the rollback. All these cases had one thing in common: the entity exactly where I was standing has caught on fire meanwhile if the lightning did hit me I would have been already dead (you can even see my health in the first screenshot right after the rollback). Furthermore, I knew that it wasn't the client/server mismatch issue when the Lightning Rod existed only on the client-side as I've already been reconnecting to the server a couple of times before the incident and the Lightning Rod was there. This gave me the impression that someone was using the remote action calls batch that did include the equip/unequip Fire Staff calls in combination with the auto-target entity where the nearest player was standing. But, once again, don't take my words seriously as without evidence they are useless. Even if I fully reconstruct the code that does the similar thing this won't prove anything so I just decided to avoid this topic in the first place. The only reason why I'm describing this now is to provide at least some data to the developers if they decide to investigate this "potential bug". Yes, @JackJohnsn, I completely understand that posting my story not anonymously was immature from my side and I do still believe that you should always avoid such controversial topics. However, my story was intended to be a reply to yours so I simply didn't see any other option. I do apologize for that. True, @JackJohnsn. I've never mentioned that you have griefed my boat in the chat and only have said: "when JackE was near :D". Originally, I just wanted you to confirm as you have seen the incident. Now I understand that my words choice wasn't the best and could have been interpreted as an accusation. That wasn't the brightest move from my side. However, a little part of me is even grateful that I didn't choose a better wording because as soon you have started claiming that my boat didn't have a Lightning Rod I did start to ask myself questions and look at the details. Maybe it was a bug and you really didn't see a Lightning Rod on your screen. Without any concrete evidence, this doesn't even matter so I just wanted to provide data that contradicts your original statement of me not having a Lightning Rod. I do realize that I don't have enough posts or reputation on this forum. I didn't even know how the @mention feature works here until this moment. I didn't even plan to post this story, to begin with until I saw how "aggressively" you were stating that I didn't have a Lightning Rod so I've just decided to post my perspective in an attempt to prove that I did have it. Besides, having another perspective on the same story is never a bad thing.
  3. I don't have any hard feelings towards you, @JackJohnsn, as I still believe that you are not so bad person and you are a really good player. Maybe you have some little hang-ups but, after all, who doesn't? If you are asking why I didn't start the kicking vote? Then it's simple from my point of view: why would anyone start a vote to kick the player who was unfriendly just towards him while being friendly and helpful to others? I still wonder what did I do wrong to provoke such a reaction towards me? If I've ever done something wrong to you then I sincerely apologize.
  4. This topic was made as a reminder to everyone that you should always question what others are telling you as some griefing stories may differ from what the so-called "victims" are trying to present. I’ve have heard many stories when the griefers tried to act innocent attempting to convince everyone in their guiltlessness. I’m pretty sure that many of you have similar stories that you would like to share when the "victims" were the real "griefers". But before that, have a seat, take a cup of tea or coffee and let us begin with the story that has happened yesterday as a reply to the topic created by @JackJohnsn (also known as @JackE in the Steam): Since I'm new to the topic creation feature as I've not posted anything on this forum yet I'm going to quote the original message here to avoid situations when the author decides to delete or modify the original post: The guy whom @JackJohnsn has mentioned in the post was me, also known as @Demonblink in the Steam. Some of my friends have noticed that he has made a post on the Klei forum describing the situation that has happened yesterday on the "Spiders and Such - Klei Official" server. I usually try to avoid any potential conflict in Don't Starve Together whatsoever as I believe in the "it's just a game" philosophy. However, I've decided that it wouldn't hurt anyone if I show the situation from another perspective as I already have heard many stories very similar to mine. I'm not going to point any fingers or say anything bad about the @JackJohnsn's behaviour as I simply can't provide enough evidence on that part. I'll only mention that it wasn't very decent from my point of view and will instead provide data so you could decide on your own if @JackJohnsn was the real "victim" of this incident to begin with. Before starting my story I would like to state that you should always question everything that someone is trying to present and instead of blindly believing mine or his words I would like to take you for a journey of common sense and logic so only you, the reader, could solve this “puzzle”. The Lightning Rod Puzzle Our journey begins with the weather, the harshness of the Spring and the Lightning Rod that was explicitly mentioned several times in the @JackJohnsn's post. To solve the Lightning Rod puzzle I would like to provide a couple of pieces to contradict the statements that have been presented earlier. First Piece (The Boat) As a first piece, I would like to show you the boat that that was described as the one not having a Lightning Rod right after the successful rollback in the same “Spiders and Such - Klei Official” server yesterday: Source: (29.09.2019) An attentive reader has already noticed the Day and the Season counters which show exactly the beginning of the Day 36 and Spring which is logical as there was a successful rollback. If you look at the screenshot you will notice this mysterious Lightning Rod with 5 chests nearby and as many of you have already tried building a base on the single platform, it's physically impossible to place a Lightning Rod after building the chests when using the similar layout on the official server. This eliminates the possibility that I could’ve built the Lightning Rod right after the rollback exactly at the beginning of the Day/Spring. Second Piece (Not My First Rodeo) As a second piece, I would like to provide evidence that it wasn't "my first rodeo" in making a boat base and that I was using the same layout over and over again which should give a clue to the reader that I wouldn't make such a rookie mistake in the first place: (28.08.2019) (17.09.2019) (25.09.2019) (25.09.2019) (27.09.2019) Third Piece (Is It the Same Server?) You may ask yourself (and you should), how do we know that this has happened on the same server based on just a single screenshot? And we've come to the saddest part of our journey as I didn't take a screenshot of the player status screen. I wasn’t even planning to upload the screenshot until the @JackJohnsn's topic has caught my eye. For me, it was just a typical griefing incident as similar things happen every day on official servers and I didn't take that part very seriously. You just have to stop, take a breath and deal with the consequences. But luckily, when others have told me about the topic the world was still alive and I was able to make a few more screenshots about the map and the server name: Source: (29.09.2019) Source: (29.09.2019) Source: (29.09.2019) In honour of Sherlock Holmes and his "science of deduction" we can compare the map with the first screenshot and once again can look at the Day counter with the 119 days value. By doing some quick math we can deduct that we are talking about the same server and the same world. Furthermore, we can even investigate both the screenshots uploading and the @JackJohnsn's topic creation times as he was the one who has mentioned to be playing on the "Spiders and Such - Klei Official" server in the first place. Fourth Piece (Chat Log) As the fourth and the final piece of data, I want to provide the client chat log of that incident. I’m not sure if there are any administrators of the official server here, but I want to believe that there are and they keep the backups of the server logs and can confirm its authenticity. Part of the chat log, Spiders and Such - Klei Official, 29.09.2019: [04:22:35]: [Join Announcement] edanogame [04:22:53]: [Say] (KU_vaebMrhq) edanogame: hi [04:22:56]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: charge me senpai! [04:23:03]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: yo man [04:23:38]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: can we rollback please? [04:23:40]: [Say] (KU_ewRZxB4F) soma: any pig skins? [04:23:52]: [Say] (KU_ewRZxB4F) soma: what happen [04:23:58]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: my ship has burned [04:24:08]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog:  (Health: 76/150) I'm bleeding... [04:24:11]: [Join Announcement] DangerousDan [04:24:19]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog: spring is a load of **** [04:24:44]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: when JackE was near :D [04:24:52]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: definitely my fault [04:24:58]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: that ligthning hit it [04:25:13]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: I had a Lightning Rod [04:25:23]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: no you didnt [04:25:31]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink:  We need more lightning rod. [04:25:36]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: yup, I had [04:25:49]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: probably invisible to naked eyes then [04:26:07]: [Vote Announcement] rollback passed [04:26:10]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog:  (Health: 0/150) Guess this is the end, old friend... [04:26:53]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: yup, I do have it [04:26:57]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: thank you, btw [04:27:04]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: for rollback [04:27:20]: [Whisper] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: liar liar pants on fire [04:27:28]: [Say] (KU_9ZDxI6Em) nickxy: griefing in 2019 lol [04:27:29]: [Whisper] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: come let's make an umbrella [04:28:03]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: btw, JackE, why so much hate? [04:28:10]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: did I do something wrong? [04:28:11]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: can't tolerate lies sry [04:28:28]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog:  I have a butter with 100% freshness. [04:28:29]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: im passing by 10 miles away and lightning hits u without rod, catches on fire [04:28:31]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: then it's my fault [04:28:57]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: yeah [04:29:01]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: sure [04:29:10]: [Whisper] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog: woodman chop the big trees ya dingus [04:29:13]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: explain to us how it caught on fire then? [04:29:56]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: sorry, I don't want to say this globally [04:30:01]: [Leave Announcement] DangerousDan [04:30:05]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: say it to my face [04:30:15]: [Join Announcement] Nix [04:30:23]: [Leave Announcement] Nix [04:30:28]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: you know what I mean, you should understand how hacks work in this game [04:30:33]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: xddd [04:30:38]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: ok man. [04:31:16]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: post on klei bug tracker if you think i hacked or it was a bug [04:31:27]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: lol, I don't blame you [04:31:30]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: first of all [04:31:37]: [Whisper] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: these ppl [04:31:40]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: I only've stated that I had a rod [04:31:47]: [Whisper] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: you just wanna kill yourself [04:32:30]: [Say] (KU_hlyjkB0L) Demonblink: and the fact that you were nearby and not "miles away" [04:32:47]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: i had eyebrella, lightning can't hit me anyway [04:32:55]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog: it can [04:33:00]: [Say] (KU_axSdrRE3) Captain Hotdog: you just dont take dmg [04:33:01]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: it doesnt affect u [04:33:14]: [Say] (KU_n4gDzUgA) JackE: and your char says that you are protected [04:37:15]: [Say] (KU_9ZDxI6Em) nickxy: how old are you JackE? Conclusion At the end of our journey, I would like to point that I don’t see an enemy whatsoever in @JackJohnsn. I’m not trying to persuade anyone that I was the “victim” and he was on the “bad side”. It's only the game after all. I’ve only tried to provide the pieces that contradict the statements mentioned by him so others could have at least some foundation when the similar incidents happen in the future as a reminder that you should always question everything that someone is trying to present.