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  1. I am glad to see variations of Shipwrecked content returning! I wish we'd have ballphins now that we have sharks.
  2. Hey guys, I would very much so like to buy the glommer plush code if anybody has the code itself, I am willing to pay through gifting you anything on steam for a value that could be discussed or alternatively some DST skins. PM me if you own the code and state your offers. Thanks in advance.
  3. I must say I really like all of your ideas. I can definitely see Klei releasing Sisturn re-skins or a new Wendy/Abigail skin for Wendy's and Abigail's birthday. I must say I am quite disappointed Wormwood got nothing for his birthday tho, maybe he will with Walter's update?
  4. I was kind of hoping the Hand-Me-Down skin would give Wendy a tooth gap, but I guess that it makes sense that it doesn't because technically it's Wendy in Abigail's clothes. Still a bummer, though! Don't forget Shootius.
  5. I must say that seeing this house really makes me wish that Wendy is getting a revamp (She's one of the main characters I use in both DS and DST) and that Klei ain't pulling shenanigans on us with all of these flowers. On top of that, this beautiful scenario really makes me wish that Don't Starve had game modes like Shipwrecked and especially Hamlet in it. Imagine living in a Hamlet town you made with your friends online (Of course, I would expect there to be some admin protection from mass destruction or Willow-ing, you know...) but that could be really epic and would give the game much more variety. Besides, Hamlet and Shipwrecked already exist, so that's half the work done, the rest is just optimizing them for DST. But maybe my hopes are way too big...