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  1. I would have 50 hunger and not know any craft tabs
  2. I enjoy seeing mime boy in cinematics
  3. I personally find they're addition a nice distraction from all the menacing aspects of of dont starve. They're cute as heck and taking care of them makes me feel good. Plus it isnt really a burden to me to throw a bit of food in its mouth every now and again. (I can't speak for everyone, but food is never really an issue for me).
  4. Attempted to duel a catcoon in fisticuffs
  5. The weirdos make rude gestures towards the boats crew for being ditched
  6. Art Dump

    I did not know this, thank you for this link
  7. I made something and I wanted to post it. Hope ya like it.
  8. Art Dump

    Just what I was looking for. Right now. At 6 in the morning
  9. Who do you main?

    For me, nothing beats entering a public server, playing a handsome mime boy, and saying nothing for hours on end while I do my best to survive. Really got to get in character you know.