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  1. Who do you main?

    For me, nothing beats entering a public server, playing a handsome mime boy, and saying nothing for hours on end while I do my best to survive. Really got to get in character you know.
  2. I always thought they could put more emphasis on his pantomiming Like say he could pantomime the invisible wall and it creates a wall that allies could pass through, but mobs get blocked by, probs with low durability, and can still be hammered. Or he could use the bicycle pantomime to move slightly faster for quick exploration. And his rope pulling one could pull items from a distance. Say someone died in a big wave of enemies, wes could retrieve the items for them. All these things would cost sanity in some form, like the bike would probs be overtime while the walls would be an instant cost. Just brainstorming.
  3. I play wes and try my hardest, only griefer I've had was a wortox who came in late and ate all the mandrakess and the like.