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  1. When Queen Malfafa poops, and the player collects the manure, Queen Malfafa runs at the character continually, pushing the character along. This could be related to behavior of town pigs giving Oincs when the player collects their poop, except the Queen doesn't seem to have anything to do when the player is reached, so is kept running. Leaving and returning to the Palace room resolves this. I'm sure there would be some town pig who would pay for the Queen's poo...
  2. When creating a world that is set for "Only Day", when the time comes to hit the Aporkcalypse, the game locks up (although audio is stil processing implying not a total crash) You can replicate this fairly easily by creating a world with Only Day and spawning the Aporkcalypse Clock and invoking the aporkalypse.